Tuesday, 29 April 2008

You won't believe what she said. **EDITED **EDITED AGAIN

When I drop Princess C-W (I was informed this morning I am no longer allowed to call her C-Dub) and Babyman off at school I also collect one of my borrowed babies. En route through school this morning we found ourselves in a quite short, very enclosed corridor at school (blurry firedoors!) with the Snotty Teacher.

Isn't it funny when you can read someone's thoughts? I could tell by the look on her face that she was weighing up her chances of just ignoring me but, fair play, she turned to face me and asked if I would like to discuss things. I said I was quite happy with things and I had made myself fairly clear in the letter. She then told me that she thought I had perhaps overreacted a little and I could have discussed it with her. Excuse me?!

I told her that I thought my response had been completely justified and that I had tried to discuss it with her that afternoon. Now you will all like this bit - she said that she had just been trying to have a pleasant time with the children and had just finished a long, hard day at work. Oh really? And who hadn't? I pointed out that as a childminder I, too, had just completed a long day of working with children.

Her next phrase was that she hadn't thought it appropriate to discuss there, my response was 'I would have been perfectly happy if you had said that to me and we could have talked about it later.' She then continued, telling me that they would be focusing on homefront and evacuees - obviously she has no idea that children were evacuated all around the Empire.

Unbelieveably she had the temerity to say she didn't remember her words (perhaps not so unbelieveably). I said I had and they were in my letter and that several other parents had been there and heard them as well.After a few more seconds of back and forth she did admit that she 'may have been abrupt.' Do you know, I couldn't help myself? I agreed with her, saying 'Yes you were abrupt.' Well, bugger it I thought, you are not going to weasel out now. You made the error, you deal with it. ** EDIT: I spoke with a friend who has had run-ins with Snotty Teacher over the years and she reckons S.T. has been read the Riot Act b/c she never apologises (and this friend has had up close and personal, face to face slanging matches with this teacher before). Strike one for the mighty power of A.R.S.E.!!

I dug out a book my oldest friend sent me last year and have read it twice today now. Both times I welled up and the second, when I was trying to read it out loud, I had to keep stopping and recomposing myself. I love this book. If you are looking for something to explain war, Rememberance Day or the concept of solidarity to small children then you would go far to beat this.
**EDIT AGAIN Mr HeadTeacher grabbed me yesterday aftie as I walked into school to ask if Snotty Teacher had spoken with me so obviously he had words with her. During our conversation I let him know that her response had been somewhat half-arsed but that everyone had different opinions.
I'm just not sure about our new Mr Headteacher, he is very smiley and nice and seems quite gung-ho about joining in with school traditions, etc. but I just feel that (metaphorically of course) he is pissing all over everything and marking the territory as his. There is a slightly oleaginous tone to his voice and I'm sure his head is permanently cocked at a very sympathetic angle b/c 'he understands'.
It is true I am a harsh and evil creature but I don't think I gel with him very well. I get the same feeling listening to him that I do when I hear Fi Glover invade the airwaves on Radio4 of a Satuyrday a.m. And I always turn the radio off!


  1. Good for you Trashy!! Does she really think she has the monopoly on hard days at work?!

    Is she a member of A.R.S.E.? - she could be president!!!!


  2. Maybe Lesley is right and the Snotty Teacher could be a guest member of A.R.S.E. (president might be taking it too far)

  3. Trashy - you are an inspiration. Really. I hope you realize that - and embrace it.


  4. good for you, girlie, for new "standin' up to DA MAN"...even when DA MAN is actually...ummmmmmm...a woman...

    but in any case, you're my new hero! :)

  5. Good on yu... she most probably went of muttering B.......Y mouthy Australians LOL.