Sunday, 4 May 2008

He's gone... it is safe to come out now.

It really is quite nice when B-I-L comes to stay. CK only has one brother about so it is fabulous for him to do all that family sharing stuff (which isn't his forte) every so often. They laugh about old friends, remember places and people from their childhoods and stay up way too late drinking and playing crubbish music. (I must confess that over the years I have become quite fond of Leonard Cohen by sheer dint of repetition but that no matter how often it is played prog. rock Genesis not only leaves me feeling cold but quite nauseated.)

During these occasions when the whiskey bottle (or sometimes whisky bottle depending on whether it is a Laphroaig or Jamesons night) is subject to that weird hilltop evaporation thing and the empty tins of lager make a neat pyramid on the kitchen floor CK has a tendency towards sitting and listening (usually something about Epping Forest, mice and battles); B-I-L, however, has a leaning more toward belligerency. We had a little discussion last night *ahem* I may have issues with people telling me what I am thinking - I wouldn't like to say ;-)

So now he has gone home and Pr.C-W & Babyman are recovering, yesterday was seriously sporty - swimming AND football. CK is also recovering - beer AND whiskey. We hit the Trifecta b/c I too am recovering - last night about 11:30 my bedroom door handle turned and I looked up from my book to see B-I-L's face!!!! This morning he was quite apologetic and explained to CK it had been a regrettable mistake but... am so glad I'm not Marilyn Monroe - Chanel No. 5 just wouldn't have covered it.

One of his reasons for coming down was as a break from his 17 y.o. alien son with whom he lives. Believe me people, I have known him since he was two and he really is an alien child. B-I-L's two older children are lovely and kind (Brotherno.1) and charming as anything (Brotherno.2) yet somehow the youngest is unintelligible, rude, socially incompetent and from another planet.

I know you should NEVER criticse anyone's children older than yours (the theory being who knows what yours may get up too!) but if my children get to that age and behave in such antisocial and disrepectful ways I shall greatly regret not believing in CK's child rearing method (it involves a barrel, a lid, an 18 year wait and a five minute conversation) .

And of course, let me just say, the view from up here on my high horse is rather lovely!

Somewhat less controversially I entered the intergers into my household random interger generator and he came up with 4 - that would be Missus Locket-Pocket. Keep an eye on the post later this week Lucy.


  1. Well, I was all ready for some clever witty commenting on the B-I-L catching you unawares but that last bit took the wind right out of my sails!!

    Locket won it???/!!!!!****££^%&*

    Am torn between crying 'Congratulations' or 'FIX' - possibly veering more towards the latter!


  2. I'll be checking my A.R.S.E. handbook for a more suitable response.

  3. Don't listen to that other commenter - I am thrilled to have been picked - and very pleased for you that you have your house to yourself again! Hope that horse doesn't get too lively! Locket xxx

  4. Love what you have done with babyman's room and DD too!