Friday, 2 May 2008

Help and support required. Send urgently. ** EDIT

EDIT: Okay to prevent confusion and allay distress let me put it clearly:
* 100s&1000s are little spherical non-pariel sort of things which are used for cake decoration, ice-cream toppings and for making the internationally reknowned and also world famous 'Fairy Bread'.
* below is the picture of an international comparison of Australian and UK 100s&1000s. The Australian ones are at the top of the picture. They are bright and shiny and very pretty. The lower ones are the UK ones (also known as 'foreign') - they are all quiet and shy in their colouring.
Hey y'all.

this is a long weekend (aka public holiday, bank holiday) this weekend here in the UK (yes I know it is in Aust as well but I'm here on top of the revisionist history hill and it is my blog so.....) and my brother-in-law is arriving at some point this afternoon.

I don't know when b/c CK and his brother couldn't actually figure out which train he might catch. Two sensible, very grown-up men of wide travel and experience, both with access to the innernets yet googling 'train time to on top of the hill' seemed beyond them! Consequently I am housebound despite my paints and brushes being down at school b/c I have to wait here to go fetch B-I-L should he have caught an earlier train.

Do I seem a little annoyed? Hm! This would be becauseI had plans. Plans do you hear? It is not often in my life that I am sufficiently organised to actually have plans which I actively follow through (loads of intent but little completion) and I was looking forward to getting a tick in that box today. I was 'good mother' this a.m. and did reading with Babyman's classmates then normally while they had assembly I would go and paint some more of my cupbaord out in the hall but no, it has been moved hasn't it? So rather than mooch around school for the three hour assembly Mr Headteacher indulges in I came home to do my boring Friday housework. Which is when I spoke with CK.

My fabulous plan for going back down to school for a few hours this afternoon has gone the way of the dodo and I have been lurking at home getting in the way of my dogs' snoozes. And I have been mulling. Mulling over what to feed these people this weekend (Yes. It is only one more than normal but still....). Mulling over just how revoltingly dusty my living room was (note 'was' - got a demolition crew into blow up the dust bunnies' megalopolis!) . Mulling over the mini-quilts that are calling to me (I bought fabric and I may be in love) . And mulling over the juggling that has to take place this weekend. Birthday parties, swimming, mopping up Club Penguin provoked tears, choir recital at church (is it bad if I take my knitting and just sit up the back quietly?) and all the dirty clothes that lurk out in my laundry.

Not the most clear picture but you should be able to see the difference between the insipidity (is this a word?) of the UK 100s &1000s and the Australian ones. The foreign ones are also made differently. They are hollow, little puffs of coloured air made solid.

So to keep myself going throughout the weekend I am going to finish painting the little box I am working on and will send it out to somebody on Tuesday. Would you like it? Leave a comment. I shall select a name from a number entered into the random interger generator more commonly referred to as CK. Perhaps on Sunday. Maybe Monday. At some point over the weekend anyway. Interested?


  1. Interested party checking in : )

    ps: which are "foreign"? Those from your nation of origin or those from your nation of physical location.

    pps: how am I doing with the politically correct speeh? Don't want to give any merit to the likes of the ST!

  2. Very impressed by your P.C.ness WMK. Possibly may need to put your A.R.S.E. memebrship on hold for a bit for such politeness!

  3. first I need to know what ARE 100's and 1000's? they look like cupcake sprinkles here in the states. If you want to ship to the states and you happened to draw me I would love your painted box.
    Be careful that PC'ness is catching and pretty soon your whole country is infected. ;O)

  4. Now Trashy, I'm assuming the top ones are Aussie 100s and 1000s and the bottom ones the UK sort - am I right? Thing is, they don't look all that different to me - but I think that is a failing on my part!!!!

    Would love to be in with a chance of winning a box painted by you!

    Take care and have a good weekend. Lucy xxx

  5. I think the Australian ones are prettier.

    and please enter me into the contest.

  6. Go you Aussie 100's & 1000's I have been there I know what your saying the foreign one are just not the same.

  7. Pah, men can be so inconvenient!! I hope your weekend goes well after your plans were so rudely disrupted!

    I can sort of see what you mean about the 100's and 1000's. Can their goodness also be measured in how hyper they make the children go?

    I'm a snapdragon, by the way, which wouldn't surprise Moogsdad at all.

    I would also very much love to be the owner of a Trashy painted box :)

  8. well well well.....who would have thought that UK and aussie 100's & 1,000's would be different??......see how you affect people all the world over??
    (pst I should have known that aussie ones would be brighter!!LOL)

    I also would love a trashy painted box.... ;-P

    cheers from down Under(or Up over...depending on your view!!)

  9. Support sent from here for your weekend! Interesting about the 100's and 100'sands, I would never have thought there would be a difference.

  10. Put my membership on hold? Pawshahh! I am POSITIVE I've insulted SOMEONE in the past 24hrs - and certain that I'm not bothered by it either : )

    ps: you DO realize that I was the FIRST to request the mystery painted box, right?

    pps: Aussie decorations much more fun looking : )

  11. Have just discovered your blog and am completely horrified by the overt nastiness of the UK 100's and 1000's - how on earth could you make decent fairy bread with that lot? I know I'm too late for your blog candy, but obviously you are a woman in need...if required I can always buy you some decent 100's and 1000's here in Australia and send them to you international express post - I understand a fairy bread emergency.