Monday, 12 May 2008

Hey Canadian Lurkers!!!!!

My sister, Giovanna, is based in Vancouver for the next five weeks. Any hints, tips and ideas for places she and her husband should see, go, do and enjoy?

I would love to have 'local' knowledge - 'local' obviously being anyone who has a recommendation.

Come Blogland - do that sharing thing I love you for :-)

Thanks, trash


  1. No, no, no. Right at the T-junction, straight over the roundabout (literally if you want) right at the next roundabout then follow the signs saying 'Cake This Way' and we're there. Number 20!

    See you soon then.

    Oh and PS. Fortnum and Mason for afternoon tea? That's very posh, did you wear a tiara?

    Sorry, never been to Canada but I hear the maple syrup's good....

  2. I've just given you an award - 'cos I'm nice like that :)