Thursday, 15 May 2008

Sunny weather lives. (Or 'My week so far in pictures.) Part One.

Sunday was a mooching kind of day here at Trash Towers.

Once the gymnastics show was completed (we had ringside seats complete with refreshments laid on!) I strolled around the garden for a little constructive deheading but the light was so fabulous I played with my camera instead.

Other than pretty I don't know what these are!

I love Aqualegias.

I don't love the dandelions but I do like the bugs they bring.(organic/ecologically sound garden is a boon to the lazy!)

Isn't this the most fabulous colourway? Not a scrap of artifice in this picture anywhere!

Then there was sufficient time for a spot of archaelogy before lunch. With the green sandstone from around here they might find all sorts!

About ten minutes after this picture was taken CK sliced everything bald with the lawnmower so sadly these little weedy daisies are no more but they sure were pretty.

Things just kept getting better this week. Monday the postie brought a box from

What a kind and generous person is the 'Rather Silly Lauren Bergold'. As a thank you for my soooo late arriving 'birthday bash' prize she sent me something I have always wanted.

Yep. Boneless pork chops. "Perfect!" I thought to myself. "That's dinner sorted for tonight." I was a little sad though because I hadn't realised opening the packaging of my lovely pork chops how strong pigs were in the States :-( (fortunately I am the proud possessor of three pairs of kitchen scissors soI'm ok so long as the pigs stay in the US!)

Then when I opened the box, my frown turned upside down and became a smile :-)
"Perfect!" I thought to myself. "That's dinner sorted for tonight." Because inside was a whole bag of Jolly Ranchers. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmMMMMMMM. The bowl isn't so full anymore.


  1. Lovely fun in the sun shots and a fabby parcel - bet you were really disappointed when it turned out to be sweeties rather than boneless pork chops!

    Locket xx

  2. Looks like a lovely week at Trash Towers - nothing better than plenty of sunshine and soaking wet toddlers :)
    I'm glad you weren't too disappointed at the lack of porcine products in that parcel. I must admit I held my breath there for a minute!
    Jolly Ranchers are a much better dinner than well travelled pig bits.....