Tuesday, 17 June 2008

the ABCs of me. (***edited***)

I stole this from Katy's friend, Beth.

Accent- Only in this country. Or rather - I don't have one when I am at home!

Breakfast? - yes

Chore I don't like- washing and drying cutlery are my worst followed closely by dusting generally. Although let's be honest here - I don't like any of them. I decided over the last few weeks that I hate gardening. I love my garden but HATE gardening.

Dog or Cat- two dogs, HTW and Blackdog.

Essential electronic- something that gives me internet access. I am quite embarrassed to admit that in a house with four people under the age of 50 we have six computers!

Favorite Cologne- I like clean smells. Light florals perhaps. My 'if I had to choose one grown-up perfume forever' perfume would be Diorissimo.

Gold or Silver- Silver. Gold. Silver. Platinum. I'll accept all :-)

Handbag I carry most often- My monkey bag (will add pic later)

Insomnia- nope

Job Title- Mish/Pippa (seriously! These are the names my borrowed childer and now my own two use)

Kids- 2, one of each *girl - 9 years *boy - 6 years

Living arrangements- semi-detached up on a tall, big hill in rural Dorset

Most admirable trait- loyalty (even if it is self-proclaimed)

Naughtiest Childhood Trait- none - I was angelic ;-)

Overnight Hospital Stays- two as I remember, one as a child due to allergic reaction and the other after my girl arriving.

Phobias- none

Quote- "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." Eleanor Roosevelt.

Reason to smile- I'm watching Billy Conolly while I type this. Eddie Izzard, QI telly programme, The News Quiz, I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue....

Siblings- 4 brothers, 1 sister.

Time to wake up- between six and half past most mornings

Unusual talent or skill- none known

Vegetables I Refuse to eat- not met any yet that I can remember.

Worst Habit- err... (shuffles feet, looks sideways) I bite my nails (shuffle, shuffle)

X-rays- arm at five, ankle at 20 something and again at 30 something. Each time they found that, yes I did actually possess bones in those places.

Yummy Stuff- crisp but sweet grapes (either colour), sweet, crispy apples. **it has been pointed out that memes about food seem to inspire virtuousness in the author; let me just state that the grapes and apples were b/c I had just bought some. If it were today it would have been sherbert, minstrels and foam ice-cream cones!!!!**

Zoo animals I like the most- don't really have one. Don't love zoos (yes I went to Longleat, yes I am a hypocrite). If I had to choose then probably penguins


  1. You are amazing trash and your awesomeness continues to astound me - thankyou once again !

  2. That's a good and funny meme Trashy and I really enjoyed your answers - I'm too lazy to do one about myself though!!!

    Lucy x

  3. Blimey, you're part of a big family! So many memes with questions about favourite foods end up with very very healthy answers. So virtuous with your grapes! With you on Eddie Izzard I also think he's one of the sexiest men alive (and he likes to wear dresses!).

  4. I'm going to steal this one from you :-) loved reading your answers!

  5. Loving your reasons to smile - I agree on every single one.


  6. oooooooh this IS a fun meme...i may steal it... in the meantime, or AHEM "memetime" hahahAHAHAHahahaha!!! (sorry!) ...i am enjoying your answers!

    ps: do they still have a cool doctor who exhibit at longleat? didja see it? was it FAB??!

    pss: are the next two eps realllllly scary?! like more than the one from last season where the statues come to life and creep up behind you and WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

    (sorry just kidding! i love that one though!!!)

  7. I laughed out loud at your dictionary. Love it!

  8. Hi Trashalou, I just wanted to thank you for your reading suggestions over at my blog, I've actually got the Little House series in full and hadn't considered it but you are right, it is a good one for their age.

    And I also wanted to say that I share your loathing of cutlery washing & drying and gardening. But I would also throw in vacuuming to my own list of housegold horror chores!