Tuesday, 17 June 2008

updates on several things

Important Update One:

Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts for my friends' baby. Spoke with his dad this afternoon and he is doing well(baby I mean, not so sure about dad - he sounded a bit shakey still!).

While he is still in the incubator, the oxygen tube under his nose (I know it has a tech name but I can't remember it) is only on low and everyone is doing okay. And under the circumstances 'okay' is just fine!

He came in at 4lb10oz which, although he arrived a week earlier, is 8-9oz more than his sister was. Hoping to go see them soon.

Important Update Two:

Kitty's quilt is in the post and winging its way N.E.ward. I am really chuffed with it b/c (disregarding a few false starts)this is the first quilting project I have undertaken since secondary school. Let me just say I wasn't Mrs Robinson's favourite student (she had a great punishment for the girls who just wouldn't do what they ought in class - running up and down the two flights of stairs leading to the sewing room for two minutes [or more depending how not good the girl had been] - not that it was ever me, of course!!).

I love the colours & the content so Kitty, if you decide it isn't your kind of thing, send it back!!! The fabric may have been lifted from my Fortnums' quilt stash - I shouldn't like to say

Important Update Three:

With Kitty's quilt done and dusted I have turned my mind towards Lucy's (yes I am verrrrrrrrrrry late with all these things but I hope the gods will smile kindly on me). I have a background fabric and an absolutely flipping fantastic concept for it which both Pr.C-W and Babyman approve of most heartily.

Important Update Four:

I have been bitten most heartily by the Japanese fabric monster and may yet find myself offering Good-ness both my children if she will just let me have another fat quarter. Or I may have to move in myself b/c CK will most definitely be asking where I intend to live when he sees how the fabric stash grows!!

Sadly no more updates as I have to go and finish the homework that is due on Thursday. D'y' think I should have started it before now?!?!?


  1. Oooooooh, such excitement! I shall wait at the window ready to ambush the postman over the next couple of days. Can't wait - I'm sure it will be my sort of thing! Really, I am!

    I had a big stash clear-out recently, but nature abhors a vaccuum, so I'm being tempted left, right and centre to fill it.


    PS So glad baby is ok - still thinking of him and his family. x

  2. Very very exciting news re the quilt swappage (especially my one!!!!)

    Great news about the teeny tiny baby too - sending him and his family very special wishes.

    But what do you think you are doing Young Lady?

    Fancy introducing me to yet another scrummy Japanese fabric shop! Totally irresponsible behaviour!

    Locket xxx

  3. Hey Locket. Have you played at Nuno yet? It is far toooooo tempting.

  4. *SOOOO* glad about the baby! for sure!

    you have been very VERY productive in the fabric/quilting arena, m'lady! well done, you!!! surely, in the circumstances, a purchase of japanese fabric would NOT be self-indulgent, but rather, a necessary re-stocking of vital supplies!!!

    ps: CANNOT WAIT to see kitty's quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pss: my word verification is "ckwgerry"...is lovely hubs trying to send coded messages?? and just who is this "w gerry" lad??! :)