Saturday, 14 June 2008

D'y'know? I think it is my natural state!

I stole this from 'Knitting in Red Shoes' and get me - I'm superior!!!!


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Like I said - my natural state I think ;-)


  1. "Reacts with pleasure and delight to marital congress"

    Do I tick it if I would if I could? ;-)

    And I'm only 'average' apparently (I missed superior by 3 points!): this'll be because I don't wear either pyjamas OR a nightdress, am given to slang and profanity, and talk for too long on the telephone.

    :-D x

  2. Hah!! Superior? Really?

    I was HONEST and got a 'poor'!!! Could be the not writing regularly to the in-laws and not liking children and unfortunates that did it!!


  3. Aha! Now I was honest too and I got 56 - Average! So I beat MM but am not as superior as you Trashy! I bow to your wifely superiority!

    Locket xx

  4. Just gone back to check what counted as "superior" and see that Kitty and I got the same score!

  5. Just done Mr Locket as well and as I expected he has come out as very superior with a whopping score of 126 - I knew I had a keeper!!!

  6. 70 ...apparently I too as 'superior'. Probably because I couldn't tick many of the questions, such as the one that asked if you 'stocking seams were crooked'. Don't wear the blurry things, but if I did, they would be crooked!!

    BTW, I am also a transplanted Antipodean, but of the NZ variety :-)

  7. Cracking up at the donkeys! seriously. I am glad the yarn came in handy, i have been knitting up some market bags as well. did you come up with your own pattern? would love to see a pic! enjoy

  8. I am only average, presumably because I cook breakfast in my pyjamas and I have been known to drink and swear. But I think there should be extra points for honesty! Off to rate the hubby now (who is asleep upstairs - obviously I lost points for that as well ;-)

  9. Um, miserable failure. -3.

    I had to steal this for my blog, gave you some linky goodness. Love it.

  10. Wow you are awesome, I was "poor" but that's ok :O)

  11. Her via SITS- you have a fun blog.
    Took the test I guess I am superior? 64. Funny questions.
    I love the donkeys- can't wait to see pics of them all done.

  12. You are the first superior I've found :) Maybe someday I can work up to not cooking breakfast in my pjs :)