Monday, 16 June 2008

I am lucky to live in uninteresting times. (please note - photies come from Summer 2006)

Some many weeks ago we arranged to do a family meet-up with my god-family this Sunday just gone. It took a few days to figure out it was Fathers' Day but we thought what the hell! the boys could spend some time Fathering and we girlies could sit doing the chatting thing. But obviously there was no ulterior motive ;-)

It has been some months since I saw my god-daughter (actually Christmas - eeeeek!!!) and she is now a climbing, stroppy, chatty, funny 18m.o. So if anyone would like one of these please contact my friend b/c I think her patience has gone.

We met up here.

Yes, that's right. We went to the land of the movie star giant rabbits. I tried to get their autographs but their people weren't letting the general public anywhere near.......

There were also some very tall folks. Quite quiet but nice enough. Apparently mixed relationships are very much de rigeur here.

Having spent some many minutes laughing at these fellas ripping chunks off whizzy cars last time we were here, we didn't actually go through this rough neighbourhood. We were in CK's posh car and he was a tad worried about the local hoodies.

It is a colourful area; all the old hippies hang around in their tie-dye and long coats. For old folks they make a hell of a racket with all their old hippy music.

Over on the other side of town they are a much more pushy lot. It really is all about them or nothing!

There is a Chinese curse along the lines of 'May you live in interesting times' and it seems so many around me are. This morning I got an 8a.m. phone call from a friend asking if I could have her girls for the school run and until she got home. She is seven months pregnant. Well, she was.

After school this afternoon my friend's husband rang and spoke with the older daughter (8 y.o.) and, as I watched, her worried face cleared. She now has a brother! This family is practised in NICU (Neo-Natal Intesive Care Unit) - the younger daughter was just as prem and had a VERY touch and go first week. T.G. he is well, just early. To date he hasn't a definite name - Ck has put forward Agamemnon. I don;t thnk they are going for it somehow!

Tomorrow I get more information. Until then we just remain grateful he is doing well.


  1. Great photos Trashy - we've been to that 'town' too - it's a favourite of ours. We too laugh at the unfortunates whose cars are dismantled by the hoodies -especially if their cars are particularly swanky - we're nice like that!

    So glad your friend's baby is doing well. It must be very scary having them arrive two months early!


  2. Fingers crossed he continues to do OK - it must be really tough to have a little one in the NICU. Keep us posted

  3. Awwww, hope the little chap continues to thrive and is out of NICU as soon as possible.

    Love the look of that town with all the colourful locals. It's a bit like that round here, only there are maybe less droppings?


  4. Interesting times to say the least!

    LOVE the name TBG's cousin named his childer Augustus, Ulysses, Finnian, Atticus, and Hadrian. Not names we'd have selected, but cool choices nonetheless.

  5. Sounds like very interesting times - a day out with all those creatures and then the arrival of a prem baby. How much more interesting can they get! Hope baby is okay.

  6. Sending good wishes for the little one - I'm sure NICU is not a fun place :-(

    Fab photos!