Thursday, 26 June 2008

Raiders of THE BOX update 1

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.

I may have gone just a teensy little overboard on the whole box thing. Because I am extraordinarily pretty (and therefore not very clever - it is an inverse proportional relationship thing - why yes! I do live with a scientist!) I may have put just a little bit of stuff in the box.

You see b/c I am, as I say, not particularly clever, I figured that 10 people in the swap meant I had to put in three things per person. I know, I can hear you - three things only would have done!! but I am tooooooo pretty to be clever and so I have stuffed it to the gunnels. In my defence - the box is quite light, just, errr, a little big. So mea culpa to the international set and feel free now to metaphorically slap me upside the head and pull out of the whole thing.
I was in my friend's shop yesterday packing it all up and she was so excited about what was going in the box she has signed up for the swap.
There are a couple of places left if anyone wants to join in. I shall be posting out on Saturday.
**Will update** As of yesterday he is in a cot not an incubator and as of today he is spending the day in his mum's room and only bedtime in the NICU. So YAY! Team Blogoverse, the power of positive thought is not to be denied :-)


  1. I'm not clever, nor am I particularly pretty. This means I have no excuses for my stupidity. Maybe I just caught it, like some sort of infection? It's probably a virus called Noro-eejitus.

    That weird alien/robot is back squatting in your Neocounter - did you know? I think you should start charging him rent. Could be a nice little earner.


  2. Pshaw Kitty! I'm sure you are both clever and extremely pretty. You forget, I've seen your handiwork.

    I sent the invoice to that lil robot fella last week. Apparently his people are going to communicate with my people.

  3. in case i'm having 'a moment' how many things do we all have to swap
    you think you are confused!

  4. You're blonde aren't you? I just knew it. (I used to be, but the hair went darker over time, sadly the brain stayed stupid)

    If you're stuck for people to send the box to. I don't mind having it twice! This is a great swap, so exciting!

  5. I'm not blonde

    Or pretty

    Oh Hell! What's MY excuse????

  6. I think it's wonderful that you've stuffed the box full of stuff and very clever indeed because it means lots more choice for the rest of us! So you are obviously very clever and pretty!
    This is such an exciting swap!

  7. Gina is so lovely trying to boost your confidence like that!

    However,having met you twice now I can vouch that you are indeed very pretty and very stupid :)

    As for the swap box - will my postman be sueing for a back injury?

    Can't wait to see what's in the box!


  8. Nine items? I don't know what you're talking about - there were five items in the box when it got to me; I've withdrawn three, deposited three, and sent it on it's way. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

    ps: so, so very happy about "our" young Will

  9. Hi Trash, no you hadnt been in touch if there is still time I will join as long as people dont mind posting it over here

  10. I have no clue about clever things - being far too pretty myself, so we can be dumb together.

    yay yay yay to baby Will in the room with mummy - hope he's getting big and strong!!!

  11. what a cool idea ( with the box ).

    However, i'm far too lazy to participate :p It would be exciting to track around though, and yes, to see what people think of your choices ;)

  12. stopping... what's this swap all about. seems like something to look foward to.

  13. That's such a cute idea! I hope it goes well.

  14. Hi! I'm new to the Blogosphere, and I found your site thru another link. Interesting stuff here! I'm running a giveaway, and I'd love it if you'd stop by. Drop in any time! :)

  15. Just to say I went shopping for bits to put in the box. Trouble is, I'd like to keep them all *blush* x

  16. oh kitty! you are a verrrry bad girl ;-)

  17. OK, colour me daft - I should have read all your messages - but if you run the box swap thing again I'd love to join in!