Monday, 23 June 2008

swaps, plans and posting and French Knots. (edited)


Kitty has received and posted pictures about the lil ol' quilt we made here at Trash Towers to send her. And luckily for us she remembered to take pictures (ahem, I forgot!).

Shhh don't tell her but I lifted one shot from her page. The quilt came up quite well, huh? Many thanks go to WonderWoman for her help in understanding binding. (Yes I really am that crubbish.)

I am still loving that little donkey. He just looks kind of happy and chilled. Did you notice his eye? French Knot. Yes, yes you all groan. French knots ((yawn)) they are sooooo easy who would even look twice at them? Well. Me! Because that is the first ever French Knot that worked for me - EVER. So once the front was all done I got a little silly on the back and French Knotted all over the place. My original plan had been to use seed beads to look like twinkly stars in the sky but once I got the technique, well....................... so there are teeny, weeny acid yellow and green French Knots dotted around.

I have begun Locket's quilt but we have a ballet recital this weekend and I have to make a spider costume and turn Pr C-W's tutu into a bumblebee outfit by Wednesday so I think it will all have to wait a day or two.


I've been thinking some more on this BOX SWAP thing. And I am good for it. Yes. I am putting my hand up (and believe me, b/c I am sooo lazy, that is all my energy gone for the day) and becoming a swap organiser.

So, here are the swap rules
1. You may take ANY three(3) things out of THE BOX
2. You must replace them with three(3) things of your own choosing.
3. The replaced items do not have to be brand new or bought specially. You may choose items from your stash and charity shop buys are allowed. Naturally anything to be included will be in good condition.
4. Think outside THE BOX (hahahahaha! I am soooooooo punny!!) , the items you include don't have to be for a craft you love.
5. Once you receive THE BOX try and aim for a few days turnaround. In fact (oo!oo!) we could try and set ourselves a target to get it back all the way up here to Trash Towers within x weeks!

Or not.

With THE BOX in mind I went hunting today. Have raided through my stash, identified wants from my LYS, braved the snotty craft shop and trawled through the several many charity shops on our High Street to make a start. So far there are eight signed up for it and only one is international (I think) so....


..... I shall start by sending THE BOX to WMK and inside will be a list of where to next so even though you know it is coming you won't know when!!! Kind of like a secret swap but not.

I am going to cap this at twelve(12) participants as otherwise it could get too long and unwieldy for my spongey, lazy brain to deal with. If this all works well then I will consider another one if people are interested. I would prefer to keep this within the UK if we can (WMK just got a little lost which is how she finds herself on the East Coast of the US - direction is not her forte, bless her) (Apparently Genevieve gets lost too!)

Feel free to publicise this on your own blogs and if you want to be a BOX RAIDER please email me your preferred contact name, address and if you are willing to post overseas. The email address is trashalouatgooglemaildotcom or there is a direct link over in the sidebar.

Everyone who expressed interest on the previous post is on my list and as we speak I am working on my terribly clever b-i-l to see if he will construct a button for us ;-)

Lastly - young Will. Not so great so up the power of positive thought for me y'all. We want him home soon.


  1. Oooh, I am chuffed to be in the Box Swap - excellent! WMK is really a Brit who went wrong and somehow landed up on the wrong continent. I know this because she has a Brit sense of irony and humour not usually present in Yanks.

    Your quilt is gorgeous and I'm happy to have supplied the photo you stole :-D


  2. Heya, I know I am in the wrong continent for the swap - just wanted to say Annie taught me french knots today and they are hard - but after about 37 (yes I counted) I have almost got the hang of them - unfortunately I will sleep tonight and my brain will wipe them and tomorrow she shall have to teach me again

  3. I think this is a really exciting swap - especially not knowing who is going to send it and where it's going on to. Like a huge mystery parcel... can't wait!

  4. Good on you for doing the box swap. I have the Aussie box at my place at the moment.

  5. Your quilt for Kitty is absolutely stunning Trashy! That background fabric is so cool and Mr Donkey is incredible!!!

    Soooooooooo excited about the box swap thingy - and soooooooo relieved not to be organising it myself (I was seriously tempted - momentarily!)

    Fun fun fun!

    Locket xxx

    P.S. Huge positive wishes for little Will

  6. My UK-soul-trapped-on-American-soil sends heartfelt thanks for making a special concession : )

    *doing the happy dance and childishly singsing "I'm in the box swap - I'm in the box swap..."*


    ps: putting young Will on the prayer chain (remember, these nuns can be mountain movers!)

  7. me please!!! hands up in the air - I'm in!!!

  8. sooo excited about the box swap, think your rules, etc are great and am starting to think of things already!

    the donkey quilt looks great and any help on my part was marginal!

    am sending lots of positive thoughts for young Will. xx

  9. This swap is going to be great Trashy and I'm so glad you summoned the energy to organise it!! You can lie down again now ;)

    Big well done on the french knots thing - once you've got it they are so lovely to do, so I fully understand your need to knot all over the quilt!

    I too am sending positive thoughts for Will and hope he comes home soon xxxxx

  10. hey you - your guess is wrong! but you are right on the comedy line!

  11. so, is your box swap full? because I think it sounds like a totally fab idea and if you still have space, I want in. :)

    Thanks for dropping by, by the way - and of course you can enter the draw - it won't really be the last, just the last regularly scheduled weekly one!

  12. oh NOOOOOOOOO!!! i just *knew* if i didnt' come here RIGHT AFTER kitty's last week i would forget. and i forgot. which STINKS...b/c your swap quilt is AMAZING and i soooooooo wanted to come over here and tell ya that!!! WOW! well done, you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I fear I may have mnissed the boat then :-(

    Sounds like Will is on the up & up though so that's FAB!