Monday, 30 June 2008

This weekend I was mostly ..... being proud mother.

Well... I got the costumes finished, except for a few small amendments, by midnight on Saturday. Sunday, during the ballet rehearsal, saw me attaching stings and wings and constantly reattaching dangling spider limbs. And do you know what? It was worth every second of stitching and sewing and cutting to see this face during the performance.

She had a ball being there, with her friends, doing something she loves and looking all glam and gorgeous. As for my little spiderman,despite a few minor stagefright moments he also had a ball.

He was the best dressed spider at The Mini-Beast Ball but not as shiny and bright as those bees. (Although I doubt the bees were wearing Spidey underpants to keep a theme going all the way to the enth degree!)

Look how glamourous they were. Please bear in mind these girls are only eight and nine and they all danced so beautifully and elegantly I think I may even have had tears!

At the end Miss Rose had a prize-giving ceremony for the child who has advanced most in each class. A few times she mentioned how 'this' dancer had only been in the class for a year and had progressed so much, blah, blah, blah. CK and I both thought it would be Babyman (not least for being the only boy in the ballet school) but no, it was one of the really big girls.

Then Miss Rose said she had had difficulty in choosing just one girl b/c a whole class was so fabulous and so talented and they had all progressed so much in the year that she had prizes for every girl doing Grade Two, especially Princess Curly-Wurly as she was also an outstanding assistant in the Primary class.

Do you think she was a little bit pleased?


  1. Awww - too right you should be proud!
    Well done Princess CW and Babyman on your fantastic performances!!

    Their costumes are fab and well worth all your stitching :)


  2. omg! wouldja look at those BEES!!! not to mention that amazing babyspiderman!!! (dude--the underpants TOTALLY worked! well done!) and of barishnikov so often said... the quality of stitching is the VITAL element in ballet!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Oh I'm not surprised you were proud!!!! They look gorgeous! Well done on all the sewing too! Lucy x

  4. Quite rightly proud I think! They looked amazing. Brilliant costumes too!

  5. Awww, bless 'em. Well done you (a) for all the stitching, and (b) for producing two such talented children! Obviously CK was involved a little bit too.

    Congratulations to all at Trash Towers. x

  6. awesome, well done all around!!

  7. wonderful costumes, darling kiddos!!!

  8. Well done love the costumes and the huge smiles.