Monday, 30 June 2008


Spoke Dad del Will tonight.

As a surprise for their two girls the dada didn't tell them that when they got home from school this afternoon Mama and Baby Will would be sitting in the sofa waiting for massive hellos, smiles and cuddles!

So a millionty twelve thank yous to all in the blogoverse who sent positive thoughts out into the ether, he is home and hopefully will just keep getting bigger and better from here on out.

On a somewhat related note I need YOUR help.

I bought a knitting magazine sometime in the Winter and it had a pattern for prem cardigans. Having successfully knitted one I verrrrry carefully hid the pattern from myself and now my friend has asked for just such a thing to keep our boy warm. In complete good friend mode (who can resist a trip to the bestest ever shop in the world?) I bought some indigo and flax Sublime soya cotton to make a stripey cardi but have NO IDEA where iIhave extremely safely put the @*&$%% pattern.

Here's the bit where you come in - does anyone have a simple stocking stitch cardi pattern for prem babies? Please would you be so kind as to share it with me?

Thanks again blogoverse :-)


  1. Wonderful news about Will. Sorry I can't be of help with a pattern but someone out there must have one!

  2. Ditto!

    Great news about Will - the girls must have been so delighted to have their mummy and baby brother home!

    But sorry, no pattern I'm afraid! Good luck with that!

    Locket xx

  3. whoo!!! I'm so happy about Will.

    Can't help you re the cardi though. Soz. Although...overmilkwood, she's knitted a rather lovely kimono baby cardi before (but don't ask me whether it was stocking stitch or not, I have no idea!). Go hunt her down

  4. 'twas garter...which is even easier than stocking stitch...

    will keep my eyes peeled tricia and if I find anything else will pass it on...

    glad your baby is home!

  5. sorry...maybe a bit dense...might not be your baby but your friends...anyway, am glad baby is where he should be, with his mama!

  6. glad baby Will is home!

    I'm also no help re pattern, but have you done a ravelry search? (are you on ravelry? if no I can do the search for you, just let me know!)

  7. So pleased Will is home with his family - that's wonderful news.

    I don't have a pattern either, but could you maybe use a doll's pattern? Or size down a 'regular' baby's cardigan pattern?

    Sorry - I'm not much help, am I? :-(


  8. brill news about will - how fantastic for them all! will see if i can find a pattern for you and will let you know as soon as poss!

    loved the pics of your great weekend!

    am so excited about your swap - you can tell its my first!

    see you soon

  9. It's so refreshing ...someone else who puts things away so well that they may never be seen again. LOL
    Can't help with the pattern sorry.

  10. darling dula - you can go the Ravelry patterns" page and do a search : )

    ps: I've a contest going - please join the fun!

  11. hiya - for premmie patterns have a look at central knitting they have quite a few patterns - just typed in knitting patterns and up they came - hope this helps