Friday, 4 July 2008

Aaaaaak!! COME BACK! We need you.

I have just received a comment from Silver Pebble on the previous post asking "By the way, what is crubbish? Is it like pleather?" so all I can do is reiterate - Monkee Maker, COME BACK! WE NEED YOU!!!!

(Silver Pebble? May I suggest that during mini-pebble#2's next few feeds you go read the archives here. It will definitely be worth it. Blogoverse honour.)


  1. I been told (on good authority) that "Crubbish" is a combination of Crap & Rubbish. Its a great word and I use it quite freely. Sort of non-swearword swearword.

  2. I keep leaving messages on MM's last post, telling her she's missed and would she please stop all this blog-break nonsense and come back.

    I want to know how 007 is, how her girls are, how RGH is doing, but most of all how she is. The blogosphere is missing her monkees and muffins.

    Crubbish is a great word - I use it all the time now :-D


  3. Here, here... come back MM! Crubbish is such a brilliant word!

  4. I have also been on at Monkee Maker for ages to come back soon. She is so badly needed (although it has to be said Mrs Trash, you are very nearly as completely insane as she is, so you are filling the void quite well for the moment).