Saturday, 5 July 2008

So much lovely post.

Poor old Smiley Carol, our cheery postie, has had to be terribly brave over these past few weeks. I have been on the receiving end of some rather fabulous post. Why was she brave? Well, my wicked Blackdog lies in wait for the postie to deliver. To the point The Royal Mail flatly refuse to deliver through the door. Consequently we now have a mail box by the front gate and the Blackdog lurks beneath the box hoping Smiley Carol won't actually notice him until he launches himself at her. (Obviously only in a sweet and loving kind of way.)

I do love a good swap, as may be obvious from my sidebar, and this week has seen the arrival of one rather fabulous swappie love. The rather divine QuiltyGal was my secret squirrel swapper for the pincushion swap organised by All Stitched Up .

With great delight and excitement I opened up the parcel and oh! oH! OH!

Obvioulsy I dropped straight to my knees in genuine awe at the amazing skill and ability of that talented Quiltygal. Would you like to see? Okay, let me set the scene ......... we had to make a pincushion. That was it, just a pincushion. Let me tell you - this is not JUST a pincushion, this is a six sided work of art.

Side A

Side B

Side C

Side D

And Sides E&F

(Note the pins? I had already started using it when I took the picture.)

But that is not all, oh no that is not all (*I love that book*) . There were more presents in the parcel! Wanna see them too?

Look at all the work that has gone into that case! Just imagining piecing all those squares nearly sent me blind. And that stitching? QuiltyGal you are one very talented person.

And then I opened it up!

Hee Hee! Pink scissors! And perhaps the finest needles ever in the history of the world - my magnifying glass asked for a magnifying glass when I was trying to thread one. Being the kind and generous soul she is QuiltyGal also included a parcel each for Princess Curly-Wurly and Babyman (they want to blog these themselves) but let me just say they were so excited Babyman took his to bed that night and Pr.C-W and took hers to school the next day.

But that is not all. Oh no! That is not all (I really love that book!) because I got my parcel from Nuno this week as well. Look at that Japanese loveliness, admittedly the cakes and the trees are upside down but you get the idea. Trouble is now that I have them I'm not entirely certain what I am going to do with them, perhaps the trees could turn into a bib for Will?

However it didn't stop there. With the thought of that wicked Blackdog stalking her having shredded Smiley Carol's last nerve we got a new temporary postie, he wasn't expecting the fury of the hounds of hell to descend on him so from his quivering fingers I pulled this triffic parcel - Missus Locket's mini-quilt extravaganza. Talk about talented, people!

That Missus Locket she really is amazingly clever, once again this week I had to bow down in the presence of fabulousness.

And the colours are so magnificent. Thank you Locket. I love love lovetty love it!

And then to cap things off Sylv sent through the long awaited and much desired 'Apple Quilt' - wanna see?

Oops! Ol' Dopey Me forgot to photograph the back but trust me it is beeyooteefull and I will put up pics when I can take some - translates as when it stops raining!


  1. Wowee! You have been lucky with parcels lately haven't you??? What a lot of goodness - the pin cushion and gifts from quiltygal are stunning - and then you've got that nuno scrumptiousness and then that mad mini quilt and then most importantly of all you amazing quilt from Sylv - it is truly fab!

    And to think I was going to leave you a rude comment too!!!!

    Locket xxx

  2. Isn't it great when the postie bring wonderful gifts and not bills.

  3. Your hilltop house is positively brimming with handstitched loveliness Mrs T!
    Your goodies from Quiltygal are GORGEOUS!!! I love love love that pincushion!

    Locket's mini-quilt is Beeeeeeeooootiful - she is a VERY clever Locket :)

    Last but by no means least - Slyv's apple quilt is stunning - I wants it, my precioussssssssss!!
    (nasty hilltop hobbitses has got it, precious - we will snaffle it from them....)


  4. Oh wow! Those are fabulous parcels. I know from reading Quiltygal's blog, how clever she is. We all know Locket is exceptionally clever, don't we. The apple quilt is fantastic, as is the fabric - can't wait to see what you do with it.

    It's tiddling down in my parts too - so depressing :-(


  5. What amazing stuff to get ine post - all of it absolutely fabulous.

  6. Just don't try to balance all that while you hop up and down on a ball...

    What a lovley bunch of inspirational treasures. Lucky girl!

  7. Oh Trash so glad you liked the stuff I had great fun doing it so pleased the littlies liked their stuff too...what a great little quilt and those apples yummy........ I'm sure Carol really doesn't mind battling the black beast to bring you all this lovelyness...I'm sure Jack would love us to have a letterbox in the door if it meant he could bite the postie, he has to content himself with barking through the window at his bike!!mind you he ate my earplugs tonight!!(jack not the postie!!)

  8. So many magic parcels! That apple quilt is beautiful and Lucy's quilt is fabulous. Stunning pincushion - oh it's all lovely. Lucky lady.

  9. Wow! What amazing mail you've been getting. If it was me, I'd be kissing the mailman each time he arrived ;)

  10. i just have to say no wonder you were smiling today! what a very lucky girl you are, they are all absolutely gorgeous and i'm very envious!

  11. very cool stuff - nothing comes to me that interesting!

  12. don't you just love mail! You got a wonderful pin cushion, and I love the mini quilt.
    Lucky week for you!

  13. I'm as green as every one of those apples. I want it, I want it, I want it. I suppose saying that I'd swap it for a jar of home-made jam wouldn't tempt you would it? 2 jars?

    Where is it from - you didn't give a link. It is all absolutley beautiful and I am so bloody jealous of you. Wish my postie would bring something nice (I don't even have a big black dog to eat Postie - perhaps suggest yours moves over here, she'd get far better treatment!)

  14. Where can I get a pincushion like that? Without having to pay for it? Or create it myself?

    I LOVE it. TOO CUTE.

    By the way - I am also Marianne Dashwood. Which means you and I together might be too much of a good thing.

    Thanks for coming over and checking out my blog last week. Come back!

    Melissa at Stretch Marks

  15. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I think my eyes are about to explode from an overload of beauty! (Now there's a charming image)

  16. well i'm no sewing expert...but it does certainly seem as if all you talented quilty birds of a fabric feather rather magnificently swap together!!!

    (ok, there's a reason they've chopped that saying down to its current & shorter's danged hard to type in a hurry i tell ya!!)

    GORGEOUSNESS all round!!!!!!!!!!!