Saturday, 30 August 2008

Not deliberately against the tide - honest!

Last night Giovanna (sister), The Kiwi (chosen sister) and I went to see Mamma Mia.

I wanted to love it.

With everything I had heard telling me how fabulous it was I knew I should love it.

The trailers I had watched convinced me I would love it.

The colours in it begged me to love it.

The obvious fun they all had making it enticed me to love it.

And that stunning scenery demanded I should love it.

I didn't love it.

I liked it.

I sang along with it.

I cried at it.

I laughed out loud at it once or twice. (It wasn't even his actual singing voice but the tension and stress in Pierce Brosnan's face that had me in stitches).

But I didn't love it.

It left me feeling quite pensive and a little saddened.

I wanted to come home and, once we had moved to the Greek island paradise, lock my babies away inside my home and keep them safe forever.

I want to watch it again.

One day.


  1. I loved it!!!
    I loved reminiscing about Greece. I loved Meryl Streep - I loved her voice!
    I loved the strain in Pierce's neck too (it WAS funny)
    I will see it again.

  2. I haven't seen it yet - maybe in the next week or so ...

  3. I loathe abba. And musicals. I shall never see it.

  4. perhaps cos everybody had gone on about it, it was overhyped and so not quite what you expected.


  5. Bah!!! No taste at all!

    (that by the way was an ARSE style message - not even trying to be polite!)

  6. Ditto Locket's comment - pah!!


  7. I did love it BUT I couldn't watch Pierce. I had to cover my eyes.

  8. Shshsh..I haven't watched it yet, and I WANT to love it!! Even if I hate Abba.

  9. How bad was Pierce's singing? I want to see it again when it comes out on dvd. I loved it when all the chicks danced down,to the water in Dancing queen, that was my best moment!

    Oh and ps did not buy the Colin Firth character plot reveal At All.

    As if!

  10. I wanted to love it too...didn't. I liked it. I saw the play and loved that.

  11. I wanted to love it too and didn't. I had an academic interest in it because I went to that Greek Island two years ago. I enjoyed that bit..Kastani ,where we swam with no-one else on the beach.Suppose it'll be packed now.