Saturday, 30 August 2008

Do I look unreasonable to you?

I am nearly shaking as I type this.

I have just had one of 'my parent's' call and blithely confess that she had forgotten to come bring her 7 month old for a visit as we had discussed two weeks ago before he starts here next week and she has just realised she is working on Monday! But I'll be okay to have them on Monday anyway won't I?

Them????? Oh yes, she would like me to have all three of her little boys (age 6 yr, 4 yr and 7 months) as she will be at work on Monday and school doesn't go back until Wednesday. Errrrr... no I won't actually and if you had come and seen me as we had agreed then you could have found all of this out in plenty of time to arrange something different. Instead you have left it until three o'clock on the Saturday afternoon before you start work on Monday!!! So don't you get snippy with me!



  1. I'm Arghhhhing with you. Blimey, that's cutting it fine.

    Maybe you could do it as a special favour at three times the normal rate?!

  2. I think you sound amazingly calm and reasonable under the circumstances... the sheer nerve of some people astounds me at times!

  3. Apart from issues I may have with your not LOVING Mamma Mia, I think you are actually being very reasonable!!

    Stupid woman.


    Not you.


  4. can't avoid them sometimes.

  5. i'm with you babe - aaaaaargh!! some people are just unbelievable!


  6. Can't even blame "baby brain" if it's 7 months old - by now she should have some cells working. With 3 kids to organise she should have planning and organisation down to a fine art!!

  7. That stuff makes my blood boil!
    Lack of planning on her part should not constitute and emergency rescue on yours!

  8. Parents. I've always said my job would be so much easier without them. You just can't believe the nerve of some people can you?

  9. I'm speechless- and I fully understand your aaaaaaaaaaaaaarghs!

  10. That woman has a brass nerve expecting you to look after her zoo with no proper notice/arrangements. Rubbish!!!

  11. It always amazes me that people's poor planning suddenly becomes your emergency.

    I'd be pissed.


    Clearly I'm going with the "p" themed words today.


  12. my oh my. what can we say. nerve people always unaware how un-nerve they are!lol

  13. I agree...after the third child you think she would be a little better about planning...

  14. methinks she will not be needing childcare for too long if she runs her "work life" with the same organizational flair as her "home life"!

    (you go girl!! well done for not being co-opted into someone else's self-induced crisis!)