Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Wanna bet?

Have just heard the man on P.M. say that 'Team GB' are now such a sporting threat they are snapping at the heels of traditional sporting nations such as Australia. Apparently (raises eyebrow a little) Team GB may even have a greater medal tally at the end of the Olympics!

Anyone wanna bet?

I'll put the Australian Olympic Team against Team GB.

One metre of fabric or skein (ball) of yarn - new or stash.

Which one of you is up for the challenge?!!?!?!?


  1. Oh ..it was me apparently.

    Yer on mate...I could do with giving some fabric away ;)


  2. Hi Trash,
    D'you think our athletic team will be able to run fast enough with an oxygen tank strapped on their backs ?

    Well done to the Swiss Dressage team for pulling their horses out stating that the climate conditions could cause serious harm to the horses.
    Gold Star to them I say !

  3. I'm with you Trash. I do think the Aussies will do better - but then I have to say that. The Brits have always come out saying that they are going to be the best at whatever they are taking on but then what happens? they loose, come second or come last...Oh dear, am I making some enemies??? LOL. Thanks for the little tips regarding baby pressies. The toys on a string is a great idea...I'm off to see what I have....Cheers, Kathryn.

  4. I'm British through and through, patriotic to the last, but really? Australia will win more medals in the swimming pool than we will in the whole competition.

    Oh and I hadn't heard that about the Swiss Dressage team. Good on them - more teams should be doing it.

    Mrs Shabby cotage? Ah yes, but we're bloody good losers! We like to let everyone else have a chance too. Particularly the Australians bless their little koalas.

  5. Sorry can't do a bet like that.....go you Aussies...well done on the Swiss dressage team.

  6. Sounds like your bet is definitely on with young Leserley! Can't offer to join in coz I know absolute zilcho about sport and will probably only see fragments of the Olympics if Mr Locket is watching the running - then I'll realise that I am actually quite interested and will be cross with myself for not watching more of it! Lucy x

  7. My being an honorary Brit and ompetetive nature has me v-e-r-y tempted. However, I am not "at peace" with the Olympics being in China, thus I'm going to have to decline to participate.

  8. Dear Wild Bill Hickok

    Deadwood's a long way off -- but aces are high and Calamity Jane's awaiting. You're on!

    Jack McCall

  9. I'm a disgrace as I don't give a monkeys - but now you've made it interesting! I'll be watching to see who wins the stashie trashie prize.

  10. By the way, what the goodness in intarsia?? As my Yorkshireman fella would say, never 'eard of it!!!

  11. not much to bet against really! you're on to a winner i reckon - i must admit i think the whole thing is a farce being held in china - i feel really sorry for the competitors tho who have trained for four years for this fiasco! there, got that off my chest!

  12. Hmm, wonder if anyone will take you up on that one :) Not me. Of course, we do okay in this house, Olympics-wise because we get to count the American wins, too...

  13. I'm with you. The Aussies generally thrash the Brits, despite having a fraction of their population.

  14. Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie, Oi! oi! Oi!
    Sorry couldn't help that patriotic outburst!

  15. What delightful comments :)

    I'm now off to do some online fabric shopping...should I Google 'Olympics fabric' I wonder????


    p.s. think we have two so far - how you doin'?

  16. So far, both nations are waaay ahead of Canada. No medals until Day 8. Gee whiz!

    Thanks for your comments on Olympic outfits. Glad you all had a good laugh.