Friday, 26 September 2008

Free to good home **EDITED

Two young (ish) children.
1998 and 2001 editions

Minimal wear, no longer in box but all parts attached.

Soundbox in top condition and works at full volume, tested in both models on regular basis.

Both come complete with full wardrobe and accessories.

Tears function in working order on older model,
intermittent working order on newer one.

Genuine need for disposal, owner moving without forwarding address.

Postage paid to assure quick sale


1998 model - pink
2001 model - blue

Offer has been received for early model.

Later one still available.


  1. I was interested right up until I read there would be no address to send them back to if either of them went wrong.

  2. Gee Trash - what's going on at your place? Are you guys on Holidays too?? I was able to get "rid" of my eldest this afternoon - ah, what bliss....
    Good luck for tomorrow, Kathryn.

  3. Fantastic. Just what I need! The 1998 model, is that blue or pink? My oldest is on the look out for a big brother or sister, so I'll definitely take that one off your hands. You sure you don't want anything for it? Maybe I could send you some fabric scraps or something?

  4. Hmmm, I have models a year older than both yours. Perhaps if we did some sort of timeshare swap, so either of us had the 97/98 models or 2000/01 models at any given time? Although thinking that through the former pairing might be hormonally challenged and therefore even more difficult?

    I find the 2000 model winds up the 97 model - is this your experience?

    Definitely interested in doing some sort of 'deal'.


  5. have a 98 model pink and a 2000 model also pink. Like Kitty's idea of a time share but yes older model is definately becoming more hormonally challenged. argghhh! ginny x

  6. I have some very old 91 and 95 models - both fully functional in tea making and vacuuming. They each, with minimal instruction can wash clothes, load and unload dishwashers and feed themselves - however they do suffer from terminal eye-rolling, foul language, nasty asides and general malaise....wanna swap????

  7. Am I too late? TLG's happy to share his room - especially since he's not yet got a new bed!

    AND we'd give the 2001 model an accent no one would ever recognize (the existing Aussie/Irish/Brit mix + Western Pennsylvania and Maryland American!) PLUS instant popularity - Americans are complete suckers when it comes to a (psuedo) Brit accent.

  8. If all else fails you can drop them off at my place when you come down under....I can guarantee that within 1 week they'd be begging to go home and when they got there they would be so perfectly behaved, living in fear of being sent back to stay with the crazy Australian lady....just a thought :)

  9. Couldn't you just change the locks?!

  10. So pleased someone else is having a good day too. Much as I would like to help...

  11. oh Lor that just made me LARF soooo much ;O) mind you with 2005 matching twin models it doesnt give me any hope :oS heheehehheHope the day got better....
    GTM x

  12. I'll swap you if you like; perhaps yours will be less adept at losing library books than mine are. Grrrrr.

  13. I have often wanted to do a post like this on eBay... sometimes jokingly... more often times not. :)

    I think anything would sell for $19.99

  14. you know you don't really mean it!!!


  15. would you consider a swap for a pink '99 model with the "Bossy" Function in complete working order?

  16. ROFL, love all the comments! I love the idea of sending them to OZ, us convicts will sort them out Hee! Hee!

  17. He he. So good to know we're not alone! I have 3 models - blue '97, blue '98 and pink 2000 - all frequently on the verge of being traded in on guinea pigs or gold fish!! (Gold fish would be much less work!!!) They do take periodic weekend visits with blue '72, which gives me just enough time to catch my breath! Hope you've had a better day today!!!

  18. Oh blast - too late again!

    My 99 model would love to have your 01 model for keeps. Likewise my 01 pink model would love to have your 98 pink version to share teary moments with :)

    As my little pink beast is away for the WHOLE weekend peace reigns hereabouts. Mind you the 99 blue chap is stalking me as I type!


  19. My blue '94 and '99 models are also available for re-homing. I can deliver. They require much feeding and transport and '94 needs copious quantities of hair gel and clean clothes.

    Willing to swap for anything (tin of beans?)

    They will bring their own paracetamol to give you on arival.

  20. I've got a late '92 and an early '94 model up for grabs .... but I'm keeping the vintage '67 model for myself ....


    ... from a late '68'er that's seen better days ....

  21. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this may be
    i have

    (i mean it!)

  22. *snork* Day getting any better?? :p

  23. Oh my goodness, that was incredibly clever and cute!

  24. I have two words for you.

    Boarding School

    (or as we like to refer to it - respite care for stressed parents)