Saturday, 27 September 2008


This was written last night, excuse the delay in posting.

We were at the vet again this morning.

Same dog, other end.

I won't give you all the gory details but I was sufficiently worried that I rang the vet first thing and asked for an appointment. 'Is it an emergency?' I was asked.
'Well, one of his testicles is ENORMOUSLY swollen.'
'Oh!' she said somewhat taken aback. 'How quickly can you be here?'

So I rolled out of bed and was at the vet's 15 minutes later. We saw the same one who had done his surgery so he obviously thought he was in safe hands. HA! Not only were her hands cold but she was exerting pressure on a very tender area. The ultimate indignity was that she then took his temperature! Oh he was really not a happy hound by then.

Her diagnosis? Orchitis which as we all know means testicular infection (warn the men in your life ;-) The upshot is that not only does he have to suffer wearing vet bling for at least another four days and having acid poured into his eye twice a day but now he has to swallow half a horse tablet morning and evening. We are going back on Wednesday to see if everything is (ahem) just a little thing

Congratulations Carloyn. With such a massive response to my offer in the previous post I returned to my old friend the random interger generator and it chose Carolyn to be the recipient of the the late 2001 blue model. I shall send him off Monday morning complete with all his cases of Lego. Watch your postbox Tuesday ;-)


  1. Oh, poor doggie. At least he's got some antibiotics quickly - hopefully he'll recover quite fast now. And hopefully he doesn't have to wear a bucket over his rear end as well!

  2. poor little chap - how undignified!! hope he's soon better!


  3. Geez he is in a mess, poor puppy dog :-(

  4. Maybe you should have left the dog at the vet's just so he's in the right place for problem number 3 which, by Sod's Law, is bound to happen soon. Poor fella!

    NB I have a blue '84 model, now living independently (thank goodness), who still has his huge box of vintage Lego. This he has now supplemented with an ever-growing collection of beer-bottletops!

  5. Poor hound - the indignities of life - and I bet you laughed at him too!

    Locket xxx

  6. Re giveaway : you never said Lego was involved....

    Poor Dog - at least dogs forgive and forget ... unlike cats....

  7. This is reminding me of my partner's vasectomy, I have to say. Which always makes me laugh.

    Hope your poor dog de-swells, pronto.

  8. Poor furry baby! Hope all settles down very soon.

  9. Awww poor chien noir - the indignity! I hope he feels altogether more 'normal' in every way very soon.

    If Carolyn would like more sets of lego, I might be able to help out?


  10. Poor pooch! Hope he's all better soon.

  11. Ouch! Poor black pupster :( I hope his dangly bits are better very soon. Moog's too shy to send him a get better lick 'cos of it being his 'you knows' that are hurting....

    Drat - coule really have made good use of that blue 2001 model. Is the pink one still available?


  12. deer diggity dawg,

    i hopez BOTH yer endz wil sune be in good werking order & allsew that u never lern hao yer hoomin shewed teh entire werld yer sew-cawled "doggie bling" kollar of shayme! :(

    a frend

    PEE-ESS: teh werd verryficayshun fer this post waz, "MEOWJZ"! (i swarez i'z *nawt* maykin dis upp!!!)

  13. Oh dear. Pets. They're like appliances. Once one thing goes the rest all follows in quick succession. And then you'll go months, years even with no repairs required at all.

  14. poor dog - hope he is better soon.

  15. My hubby's a vet, so I hear some gory details. Glad your pup is doing better...

    -Pink Ink, a fellow SITS gal