Monday, 22 September 2008

He's back (this post is a little gory.)

Thank you for all your kind thoughts. I'm sure it has made the indignities of eye surgery and teeth scraping easier to bear for him. He is home safely now and has found his favourite spot that will also fit his fabulous vet bling

I present you - a picture of contentment.

When the vet phoned to say the black hound was available for collection we had the option of magically transporting the 5 or so miles to the surgery in the few minutes after school finished OR picking him up beforehand.

So the two four year olds and I went off the hill and (eventually) were handed back my black dog on a red string. Except now he was wearing a giant bucket around his head and weaving as he walked. Once in the car we had to head straight for school.

It was more than a recovering hound should have been expected to endure, not least the laughter of young children at the bucket on his head. Felt vindicated when the laughter was stopped by gasps of horror as they caught a glimpse of this.....

And the really horrid kids may even had this pointed out to them!

I'm just saying is all........


  1. Wow! That's pretty darned...gory, Trash! Geek points in order - just for being able to get close enough to take pics.

    *um...think I'll be skipping lunch today. Strangely, Humus and pita has lost its appeal.*

    ps: DYING to hear you say "Just sayin' iz all" with a Aussie via Brit accent!!!!

  2. Poor old BD - and his are X ray eyes too. It'll mend in a flash and he'll be spying sausages through the wall of the fridge in no time. Hairy P (who also had some eye trouble recently) sends a woof.

  3. Oooooooh!



    Me x

  4. Crikey... that really is horrid. Glad I've finished my tea!

  5. What in the world is that tube thing on his eye? That looks terrible!

  6. Awww, poor black dog :-( I want to give him a tickle, to make him feel better.

    Here's wishing him and his eye a VERY speedy recovery. x

  7. More warning than "a little glory" please next time!
    Poor old mutley - how annoying must that be, a tube and a bucket in his line of sight.
    Give him a snorgle from me!

  8. Pooooooor black dog. Black cat had to have eye surgey 2 years or so ago - her eye lashes were growing into the inside of her eye (retch)and she had to have a chunk cut out. Not nice.
    Poooooor you. I went in to the surgery with spotty dog when he cut his paw, and they took him off me for surgery and we were without him all night. Also not nice.
    4 dogs send healing woofs and licks.

  9. aah, bless him, he looks sooo sorry for himself! i bet that's really sore! i bet he hates that collar, they all do - it so ungainly and undignified to be weaving about everywhere - especially when you haven't had a drink!!!


  10. Poor doggie - I hope he is better soon. Though dogs seem to become resigned to the bucket set-up pretty quickly.

  11. Oh poor baby. I looked at that picture with the soundtrack of Bruce Parry upchucking in the background - a fairly intense combination!

    Hope he feels much better soon.

  12. I Know you warned us Trash, but, Argh yucky!!

  13. Love the dictionary :o)


  14. Yikes--that last pic made me a little queasy! Poor guy! Hope he feels better soon!

  15. poor guy! maybe we should come up with a way to make his "lovely" color from the vet even more attractive? rhinestones?

  16. Aw, poor lil guy.....

    And I vote the mean kids deserved it. :p

  17. Oh your poor pumpkin!

    We call the pretty vet bling... lampshade head.

    We so know how your dog feels. My dog sends her regards - and is thrilled that for once she's not wearing the silly "necklace".

  18. urgh! the poor thing. i'm sure it looks more painful than it is, but that is really yucky.
    hope he gets better soon.

  19. Poor little love, hope he feels better soon

    April xx

  20. Oh poor old BD :( I think you should have made nasty kids wear the lampshade and see how they like it!!

    I hope he's feeling less woozy today and that his poorly eye looks less gory very soon.

    Moog sends him a get well wuff - she'd send him a lick but y'know where her mouth's been.....


  21. Oh poor doggy!
    They look so sad and embarrassed when forced to do the bucket thing.

  22. Poor old thing - they always looks so sad and annoyed wearing those things around their heads.