Monday, 22 September 2008


I find myself as a single dog family.

I took my black dog down to have his squinty eye checked out and they have taken him in to clean it up surgically!

I walked in with a naughty black dog on a lead and walked out with nothing.

It was very weird.

He will be back later. Until then the grey hound is my whining shadow.

I don't think he wants the black dog back, just confirmation that he has actually gone for good ;-)


  1. I hope that your black dog's eye gets better asap. Dogs just love one on one attention. Grey dog must be feeling like he's in heaven at the moment.

  2. blimey you had me worried then!!!


  3. I started reading and though 'oh no' ... but it had a happy ending. Hope black dog's eye is much better soon. x

  4. Oh flip! I thought you meant you were permanently a one dog family! So glad to hear it is only temporary (sorry grey hound)

  5. Moog was very worried for a moment there - she's rather taken with black dog. Hope he's back to 'normal' very soon.

    D'yer think he'll come home with an eye patch on? Ooo arrr.....

    Enjoy your special time with the grey fella :)

    'Woof' from Moog xxxx

  6. Hope black dog comes back with his eye all better. Barley says "Woof".

  7. At first I thought you were going to say that you no longer had a 2nd dog... period.

    Hope all turns out well!