Tuesday, 2 September 2008

I value honesty. You?

I don't know why but my blog email gets all the spam I ever receive - money offers, African government cash clearance, enhancement of my in-bed experiences (I think this means a more comfy mattress;-), etc, etc..

My grown-up email only ever gets spam from places like The Times and Knitting Daily and stuff like that. It is a sad kind of place this email's spam folder. Not so trashalou@googlemail.com. Nu-uh, no way and hold on to your hat when you go through that one baby.

Just once I 'lost' a real email in the spam folder so I like to check them every so often and today I found the best EVER! I present to you the 'world's first ever, honest scam, we gonna tell you we are out to fleece you' Spam - "If you own $25.000, we can reduce it lower then $13.500"

How funny is that? I am tempted to contact them and give them cash just for their honesty.


  1. i just love it - what a hoot!!!
    bedroom spam hey - bet its them special little pills!!! i once got offered an enhancer for a certain part of the anatomy - mind you they thought i was a mr and not a mrs!!!
    the mind boggles

  2. How Funny - but perhaps they are even "stupider" than we think???!!

  3. I used to get a lot of spam... and then I started increasing my filters and now it's as minimal as can be.

    My blog - not even the e-mail account, regularly gets spam comments. I delete them quickly.

    Your e-mail though is the best of the bunch!

  4. are you sure it wasn't just an email from the tax office?

  5. I love that one - almost worth doing for the novelty value. I'm always getting emails to enhance non existant parts of my anatomy!

  6. There you go being all unreasonable again!

    ps: so whathappened with the lady and her baby +2? Any follow-up/fall-out?

  7. I think Moogsdad must have somehow got vicious guard dogs patrolling our inbox 'cos we don't get spam...thank goodness!