Thursday, 4 September 2008

Update on Cheeky Mama.

She came up to me at school today (and seriously? The woman should not wear orange) and said that the job had fallen through and she wouldn't need me anymore.

Questions I asked myself:

1. Was this true?
2. Did I care?
3. What were we going to have for dinner tonight?

I only answered 3.



  1. humph. She is indeed a cheeky mama.
    So...what did you have for dinner?

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  3. OK, I know I missed something. Going to catch up on some reading!

    You still made me laugh though!

  4. How unbelievable is this "Woman" (notice I didn't say "Lady"!) Gosh I could scream - I'm sure you felt worse than that Trashy!

  5. Cheeky Mama = the lady with the 7m0 0ld? Good riddance to bad trash I'd say.

  6. Hope you had a lovely dinner.
    Gina x

  7. Definitely got your priorities right on the questions - what did you have?

    Although I suspect the answer to 2 was No!!

    April xx

  8. Well, 'cos I'm v v nosey I would love to know the answer to No1!!

    I can guess the answer to No2.

    Please tell us the answer to No3 - nosey, see?!!


    p.s. just seen v v cute photo of black dog in a daisy chain in your sidebar - awww :)

  9. Ooooh, had she signed anything? Can you get compensation? Silly woman. Very unwise to upset a childminder ... they're (you're) like gold dust around here!