Friday, 5 September 2008

Answer to the question three....

..... we had pasta with the defrosted, homemade tomato sauce I tarted up - penne pasta since you asked.

I added some more onions (because there is NO SUCH thing as TOO many!!), some slightly crispy bacon and a leftover sasuage from the night before. Obviously I chopped all of these things up b/c everyone who didn't get the sausage would have been royally pissed off.

Sprinkled a whack of parmesan across the top and fed it to the hungry terences who polished the lot off before devouring the homemade biscuits I had baked yesterday aftie.

See - much more worthwhile use of my thinking time than that crazy mama in her orange top ;-)


  1. Thanks.

    Sounds good :)

    Not many people can wear orange - sure sign she's crrrazy!!


  2. mmmm! Sounds delicious.
    Bet Mrs Stupid orange top didn't have such a good dinner.

  3. Sounds good! Especially the sharing the sausage bit. Could have turned nasty otherwise.

  4. Mmmmm, can you come round to mine and pep up our lasagne? Make sure you bring enough sausages though, as we really hate to share.

    Please bring home-made cookies too ....


  5. Sounds yummy, though would have to disagree about onion quantities as I am not too keen on them!

    April xx

  6. Sounds v. tasty. I think I'm slightly addicted to parmesan so it would have gone down a treat at this end.

  7. Couldn't agree more re your opinion on onions!

  8. Yummy!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and showing some loving!!