Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Aaak! **EDITED

Baby Will has grown so much he is becoming too tall for the wee prem.size cardi I made some many months ago. His mother asked if I would do one a little bigger for him.

With great delight I took myself off to the walking distance wool shop and in among all the esoteric yarns and fibres and what and what I found a LOT of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. Mama Will likes stripes so I went for something which appealed to me as much as I knew it would her. That's right - green!!

I know have shoulder shaping to do before calling it 'knitted' with just a touch of sewing up and edging is required until it can be properly called 'finished' An evening or two of work and then Voila!.

So why 'AAAAAAAK! in the title? Because with just these three inches left I have misplaced the pattern! I cannot find that blurry book anywhere. Neither under couch nor under dog. Not behind other books or behind small children. It has just gone missing!

I know the basic premise. K2, SKPO, knit to last 4, K2tog, K2.Or is that decrease for the sleeve? But to how many stitches? Didn't I have to do an extra row on this side of the front? How many buttonholes???

So if any one can tell me about the decreasing on the stripey baby cardigan (3-6 month size) in the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Book 2 I would be ever so grateful.

Does anyone else have a deep and abiding love for Nuno? Also for 'A little goodness'. But this week I bought from Nuno so they are first in my affection as I type.

I placed an order on Sunday afternoon GMT+1 and this morning at just after 11 the nice parcel force man arrived with my packet of fabric joy all the way from Japan.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with it all?!?!?!


I found the book. Strangely enough it was on top of my 'rescued from neighbour's trip to the tip' craft cupboard, which (since about six weeks ago) is where all my craft books live. So all ye do not despair. Sometimes when you are looking for things there is always a possibility they might actually be where they are supposed to be!

BTW, as I write this the black hound is lying next to me on the floor having just completed his dog ablutions (does anyone else have a dog which bites its nails?). I have released him from vet bling hell for a little bit and discovered that he is now missing about a 3" square patch of fur from his throat area :-( Poor thing it is in the regrowth stage and must be v. itchy.


  1. I can't help with the knitting pattern but do rather like your fabric parcel!

  2. You should give the chicken one to me of course :)

    Can't help on the knitting trauma - sending good vibes to help you find it.

    BTW - the crafty mojo you sent me has kicked in today - thank you!!


  3. Oi Moogsmum! Back OFF!!!!! The chicken fabric is MINE! OK???? And the tea-cup one too!

    Good knitting too Trash - can't help you out though - sorry!

    Locket xxx

  4. now then ladies - i think the chicken fabric is mine!!! although i do love the cups - brilliant fabrics trashy!!
    can't help with the knitting - how about asking Sara?


  5. Can't help with the knitting pattern - sorry. Is there a Debbie Bliss website that might be able to help.

    As for the fabric: what you do is stroke it, gaze at it, drool over it. Only after all that has happened many, many times over, do you decide what to do with it.


  6. Ooh, a lovely bit of green on cream knitting action there, Trash, and I'm relieved to read you found your pattern so little Will won't go cold.

    Such a shame I missed your last post .... now I can't brag that my youngest is up for the Nobel Peace Prize this year, and my eldest is actually third in the running for the US Presidential Elections. .... oops, I guess I just have ....


  7. That's some nifty knitting there lady. I only have one sleeve left of my "never ending cardi" but I'm losing the will to live.
    We have a dog who bites his nails. I clip all the others, but he does his own. Although strangely he asked me to do his last time too. (do you know what I mean when dogs "ask" for something? I'm sure you do)

  8. I'm so glad you found your book. I swear there are goblins at my house, and they move my stuff around....maybe some live at your house too?
    The sweater looks so cute, loving the stripes.
    The fabric is yummi :-)

  9. fabric fabric!! oh.. i'm longing for some new fabrics.. ;(

    nice color you'd choose for the little cardigan!

  10. now see: if you ever want to hide something from me so that it COMPLETELY ELUDES me for all eternity...just put it away neatly in the home where it belongs!!! :) (i am MOST relieved to hear this applies to others, also!)

    PS: if you should find yerself needing an appreciative recipient for something made from COOL FLAMINGO FABRIC...i'm yer gal!!!!!

  11. Poor you loosing the pattern!! I can offer no help as a complete knitting ignoramus!! Love our japanese fabric though and great green in that cardi, since I am a fellow green addict with my green house, green car and tower of green fabrics!!

  12. gorgeous looking fabric!! Re your question about blog backgrounds - I usually just google for free backgrounds, some are easy to install some are not so easy so I don't bother with them!!! but you have a photo header so I think that looks great, personally I think if you have a photo header it can look a bit busy with a background unless of course it's quite plain, but that's just my opinion, Leni & Rose blog offers great instructions on doing stuff to your blog she does it every Tuesday! Hope this is some help!!!