Monday, 13 October 2008

bugger! and hooray squared!

Have just started sewing up Will's cardigan but I seem to have buggered up the sleeves. Why did one look like the heel of a sock? I can't even get the other one to pin properly into place.

I tried to undo the sewing up but succeeded only in making a hole. I have to confess my next step was to slice the top off the socksleeve in attempt to unravel it. This didn't work either. As a consequence it is now residing over on the other side of the room behind the dog bed. In a cut to bits, straggly, yarny state. Bloody buggery thing.

Hooray for modern veterinary science! Black Dog had his bollockectomy today and all went well, although CK swears the hound is barking in a higher register ;-) Even better was having an appointment with the vet nurse when I collected him. This means all was well with his eye and we are free and clear after nearly three weeks of him wearing the vet bling. Which, by the way, made the vet laugh this morning and when I picked him up this aftie the nurses had found him a smiley face sticker.

Hooray also for my incredibly talented friend Locket who it seems now has a dog ;-) We wish you many happy hours in your new dog. Or something like that.

This is a collage of recent things that have made me smile

* Row One - a reminder that Halloween approacheth, a snap of the THREE yards of some IKEA fabric I bought in a charity shop for three pounds (a def. hooray!) and the pattern for the knitting I was doing on the weekend (quadrilateral equations :-~)<

* Row Two - Blinged up vet bling (went easy in the end b/c had to leave line of sight for him), my son just slipped my shoes on the other morning (froot loop), CK working out the knitting pattern.*

Row Three - Hair style recently created by Princess Curly-Wurly, more blinged-up vet bling. Another reminder.


  1. well as usual, i am "THERE FOR YOU" in a completely supportive and sympathetic please do take a BUGGER and two HOORAYS out of petty cash! whilst you're at it...have a WOOHOO and a WELL DONE and a OH POOR YOU as well!!! :)

  2. I don't think I could tell if knitting went wrong, so I am sure it's a marvellous heel sleeve.

    Nice shoes on your boy. Maybe you could get him heels though?

  3. Oh dear...if it was a sock sleeve couldn't you have done some clever sewing up and made it into some snazzy leggings for the little chap?
    ...just a suggestion!
    I suppose it gives the black hound something soft and woolly to rest his freshly healed head on :)
    So glad to hear his imasculating op went well - hope the squirrels don't tease him when he woofs at them!

    Loving the blinged up vet bling and babyman looks good in your shoes. CK must be so very proud of him ;)


  4. Does the 'heel' fit the elbow? If so you have invented a splendid new garment and will be saluted across blogland, with your garment revered alongside the Jodie Dress.

    Brilliant IKEA fabric find - am so jealous. Not that my stash needs any more swelling.

    So glad Black Dog is out of the woods and now returned to health, albeit with a slightly girly bark.


  5. Laughing at Kitty's comment re the cardy being up there with Jodie's dress! But laughing in a nice way, you know? Not snorting or cackling, honest!

    Great photo montage - but why can't we have some shots of the mangled wooly?

    And hooray for poor black dog!

    Locket xxx

  6. I think a sock sleeve sounds really clever... two garments in one? Love the blinged up vet bling!

  7. Brilliant idea about a sock sleeve for a baby - they never straighten their arms out anyway, so it sounds perfect to me. And that is just not enough bling on the lampshade collar thingy. More bling, more bling...