Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Thank you

all for your sympathy on my plight, although I am slightly perturbed at the devious nature of those who comment on this blog, but I feel I should be totally honest with you. You see as the laptop dried out things got a little brighter.

In fact it reached the point where CK formulated a plan. Once it was safe to plug the Dell back in to the mains the in-house tech went through every key on the keyboard. Of those that worked they either showed as '4, e, y, d, f & g'. This included the tab key and the space bar.

However the mouse was still in working order so during our spending spree at P.C. World my tech support suggested splashing out an extra £5 and bought a new USB-linked keyboard. I feel ever so clever and posh as I sit typing away on a keyboard to one side while I look at a screen in front of me.


  1. Aha! So all is not lost then? In fact you seem to have a very whizzy solution - it could catch on and become a global trend soon!

    locket x

  2. It would seem that CK is in fact worth every penny after all :-)

    Good job Mr In-house Technical Support Engineer!!

    I take it your new whizzy keyboard is well away from any liquid type substance?


  3. how lucky are you to have your own in house technical support! you lucky girl you! lots of brownie points earned by hubby i think!!


  4. So you can still use HIS old laptop, with your own new keyboard? And you're trying to make us feel sorry for you?

    I bet that laptop upstairs - the one in the padded backpack - is wondering what he/she has to do to get played with ;-)


  5. good to here everything is alright!life without a laptop could make me 1/5 disabled! :)

  6. In house tech support... lucky you! Does he do the ironing too?

  7. I think you could have come up with some pretty witty posts using only the 4eydf&g buttons, but *sigh*, if you're not up for it, then I guess a new keyboard was your only option. Have fun. Just without liquids nearby.


    ps. Word verification today ..... fyed4g .... unbelievable!