Monday, 27 October 2008

If I am very careful one day I may be allowed to touch!

Yay for comprehensive home insurance.

Having survived the debacles of CK trying to iron the living room carpet, the mega-overflowing kitchen sink (three inches of warm water to wade through) and 'someone' (whistles tunelessly while looking at the sky) burning the back of an armchair with the iron (don't ask) I gave into the demands of the gods and set our home insurance to full cover.

Having paid out those premiums for the last five years it was with joy that I phoned the insurance company to claim for the sad demise of CK's laptop. For yes it was actually HIS that we use generally in the house. Despite MY protestations that 'we didn't need a new laptop mine was FINE', it has actually sat upstairs in its lovely, padded backpack untouched since this lovely Dell Inspiron 1501 first arrived about 18m months ago.

Do you have a greater appreciation of the horror I experienced when I spotted the water pooling over the keyboard?

However, after several telecons back and forth it was all sorted out and we could expect a voucher from the insurers to buy us a new laptop in just a matter of days. So Friday afternoon, post swimming and football and with their sweetie day sweets clutched tightly in their hands, we bundled the kids into the car and headed the 20+ miles to our nearest P.C. world. En route the terences were placated with suggestions of takeaway food and after nearly 3/4 of an hour mooching around said computer place were starting to get a little bit restless.

It was fortunate for us all that CK had made up his mind by this point and purchased himself a shiny, new, whizzy computer that apparently does lots of clever things.

I say 'apparently' because I am only allowed to look at it from a distance. But it seems nice enough.


  1. So when do you think you might be allowed to touch? Anytime this century???

    Locket x

  2. Presumably he goes out sometimes...???

  3. I have a Dell Inspiron. A friend of mine has a Sony Vaio - both great pootas.

    Why don't you use YOUR laptop? The one upstairs in its padded backpack. You might spill something on that, and have to replace it ;-)


  4. Hey - at least you can look : )


    ps: very brave of you to make this purchase with kids in tow. I bow to the greatness that is your parenting skill.

    pps: word veri - stedi (as in "hold your glass of water steady so as not to spill on the electronics"!)

  5. Thanks for stopping by during my SITS day!

    My hubby can mess a song up too....maybe I should start paying attention so I can blog about it!

  6. He's gotta sleep sometime, though.

  7. ooOOOOoo, we have a VAIO. Its really pretty fab. We had the Inspiron before and like the Vaio MUCH better. Seems to be much friendlier!

  8. oh, we have a vaio for W to use at work, and it is very nice. I think what is best would be the following plan....

    drug him
    use the computer for a good few hours
    change the clocks so it seems like he has only be sleeping for an hour, record all of the television that's on whilst he's sleeping
    when he comes round say' oh, dear, you must have dropped off for an hour, shall we watch Eastenders?'

  9. Oooo shiny new shiny thing. I'd go with Katy's idea. Drug him and get surfing!


  10. Yay for usiingthe insurnace you pay for :)

  11. I was trying to think of something smart to say but am now in shock at the underhand deeds being suggested by my fellow bloggers!

    I think you'll have to get your laptop of the bag and gaze wistfully at CK while he's on his shiny new one.....

    .....until he's asleep/drugged/at work and then GO FOR IT!!!!


  12. that looks nice...well worth the water I say...

  13. WAHEY! well done you for realizing that it might be covered by homeowner's! (i would have NEVER thought of that--duh!)

    ps: my desktop is a vaio...& i have been thrilled with it for...a superstitiously high number of years so i think i will stop talking now... (vague sink-based whistling commenses)