Friday, 21 November 2008

Have you ever noticed no-one overtakes a police car?

Dear Innernets,

would it be alright if I rang one of you to bail me out of jail? Perhaps there could even be some sort of fund to dip into to share the cost-bearing. Tonight up here on the hill I made a strike for the rights of the common man.

I may have mentioned before that our little town up here is really only three streets wide and as the three conjoin there is a sweeping bend which makes the whole thing verrrrrrrrrrrry narrow and I turn around there to go home.

As I came up beside the bank there was a police car stopped in front of me. He was sitting there chatting to the occiffer in the police car beside him.

Both of them stopped on double yellow lines. Taking up the entire width of the road. So after a few seconds I gently beeped my horn. The van drove off and the police car rolled forward indicating I should wind down my window. Obvbiously it was at this point that I should feel all submissive and respectful b/c he was driving a police car.

'Did you just beep your car horn at me?'


'Well you shouldn't because I am driving a police car and I can send you to prison.'

'Well you shouldn't be stopped on double yellow lines.'

'Is there a problem?'

'Yes. I need to get home to my children.'

'Calm down.'

'No I won't b/c if it had been anyone else stopped like that blocking the road you would have had something to say about it.'

'It is illegal to beep your horn when you are stationary Madam.'

'Well I wouldn't have been stationary if you hadn't been stopped there!' And then drove away.

I figured it would all be okay in the end b/c I was driving CK's car ;-


  1. salute to you!!! for talking some senses back to that rude mr.policeman! :)

  2. Well good for you ... what an impudent policeman. Obviously one of those types who is keen to utilise the power of his office.



  3. I got stopped for undertaking a policeman. My argument was that I, in fact, was progressing at a steady and legal speed in the middle lane of the motorway (overtaking vehicles) and he was doing about 60 in the fast lane. Had he been using the correct lane my action would have been perfectly legal, but surely the rest of the traffic could not be expected to slow down so as not to go faster than him! Good for you for sticking up for common sense.

  4. I've heard English prisons are very damp and cold...and they don't like cheeky Aussies.

  5. Oh my! But the big question is, was a young whippersnapper or an older policeman?

    I have to say the thought of being rude to a copper is making me come over all faint!

  6. I agree with Dottycookie - the idea of being rude to a cooper is truly terrifying - but it doesn't surprise me that you were!!!!!

    Good for you!

    Did they follow you home?


  7. Yikes - it is true - you really ARE bonkers...
    There was me thinking that everyone was exaggerating.

  8. Hey! Good for you Trashy!!! (He obviously didn't know who he'd taken on!)

  9. yay you!! way to go!! I hope you noticed that when you text me i said i would certainly bail you out - before i even knew what you'd done!!!
    good for you, you did what we'd all like to do but probably wouldn't be quite brave enough!!


  10. I just want to go on the record as saying I love all policemen, young or old, and can in no way condone your actions because one of them might read this and track me down and send me to prison for being a trashy empathiser!

  11. Ooohhh I would have been so annoyed. Good for you for speaking your mind eventhough he was a cop!
    Thanks for stopping by on our SITS day:)

  12. What an arrogant copper, fancy telling you he could send you to jail! Trying to imtimidate you all because he was in the wrong. You should have asked for his name and badge number, he'd have squirmed then!!!

  13. I'm with Jo in Tas. You did not go far enough. You should have asked for his name and number and taken his car registration number too. He might well have been a criminal in disguise, 'casing a joint' so to speak. In which case you would have been applauded by all reallly real police men and women.

    I shall start a campaign right now. 'Free the Australian One'. I shall bake 2 cakes. One heavily laced with sleeping draft for them and one containing a nail file for you so you can file your bars down and escape. Have you seen Shawshank Redemption for extra ideas?

  14. One dark night I was on the M69 doing about 60. A police car overtook me and an LED sign started flashing at me from its back window, saying FOLLOW ME!. I was 23 and terrified. I followed him for several miles (!), blubbing and worried what I might tell my mother if I ended up in a Manchester jail. He eventually led me to a diversion and pulled over. I peered into their car to see them laughing their heads off. The sign said 'DRIVE ON'. You got a bit of our own back - nice one Trash.

  15. Power to the people - you go girl!

    April xx

  16. BRAVO!!! little tinpot dictators...think just b/c they have a badge they can flaut the traffic laws! tell you what--THAT GUY is no john nettles, either!!!*

    *i have decided that's my favorite line from said magnificent comedy sketch. that...or..."daniel--normal straw or krayzee straw?"'s kind of a tie at the moment...

    ps: tell CK that when he gets sent to the "big house" i will bake him a cake with a file in it. oh my case...i won't need the file...i'll just bake the cake using my normal culinary skill...he can use it to stun the guards and make a daring escape... :)

  17. Oh my Trashy - you are awesome! You may be surprised to discover that I'd have sat there waiting quietly behind him for ever rather than honk at him!!

    How is CK going to explain the fact that he was dressed as a laydee when his case goes to court?



  18. Way to stick it to him. You were right, he was wrong. You know it's true.

    (I think you're my hero)