Sunday, 23 November 2008

My double digit doris.

Yesterday my girl turned ten. Double figures.

We had a party with nine of her closest friends. And her little brother.

They did playing and screeching and beading and present opening and screeching and squealing and a fiercely competitive'Strictly Come Party' contest complete with professionals (the girls from ballet class) and the celebrities (the ones from school). After several minutes of intense practice we were treated to lifts, shimmies and some v. graceful neck and head arches.

The top row are the riddles on the box-in-a-box-in-a-box where her 'not' present was hidden.

The middle row is the nose of a crochetted toy dog she got as a stand-in for the real live puppy which will arrive in the new year. Look at that face when the knowledge sinks in!

The bottom row are party pics - the fun to be had with metre long straws! her triple decker checkerboard cake and two participants of 'Strictly Come Party' (three if you count my grey dog getting in on the act!)


  1. What a lot of fun... and what a very happy and beautiful little girl!

  2. What a fab party - Happy birthday to your lovely girl

    April xx

  3. Woohoo - a new puppy! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter - it looks like a fabulous party.


  4. How come no one promised me a puppy in the new year? It was my birthday too!
    I am now going off into the corner to have a major sulk.....I may be some time.

  5. Happy Birthday Princess CW!!!
    Your party looks fab and I can't wait to see that new puppy!


  6. your party looks fun wish i'd been there! i love the look on her face when she realises a real puppy! what a great pic.


  7. What a lovely looking party and a very happy beautiful birthday girl! What kind of puppy are you going to get???

    Lucy x

  8. Belated birthday greetings to Princess CW .... wish I'd gotten the promise of a puppy for my b'day!


    ps. Many congrats on getting your mug on WANTED posters all over that hill town of yours.

    pps. I've seen the photographic evidence and I think it's fair to say there was definite standing on a table involved. And possible dancing on it too ....

  9. DOUBLE DIGITS?!???!?? how is that even possible?!? clearly, that young lady's mother must've been a child bride!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, C-DUB!!! (sorry, i know we're not supposed to use that nickname anymore...but it *was* my favorite...and this IS a veryveryVERY special occasion!!!)

    ps: i think "DANIEL" is a very nice name for a puppy...& if you get the right breed he could even be "DANIEL THE SPANIEL"!!! ok sorry. i'll get m'coat.