Saturday, 29 November 2008

Some of you may have been waiting for this...(ahem)

One bright, sunny but cold morning I opened my front door to find the fairies had left me a surprise! I knew it hadn't come from The Royal Mail as neither of my dogs had morphed into the Hound of The Baskervilles.

'Oooo! How exciting!' I thought. 'What could be in here?'

Well it was definitely for me so I knew the fairies hadn't made a mistake.

However I was wondering whether I may need magic to be able to get into it - you guys didn't tell fibs!

Having finally excavated through the tape look what jumped out at me!

After wrestling That Little Blue Guy into promising to be good I was able to display all the bountiful munificence to which I had been treated!

And do you know? There was only one thing that was returned to me :-)


  1. What a great lot of loot Trash, a fantastic box, well travelled.

  2. It was such fun - thank you so much for organising it. I definitely want 'in' for the 'incontinent' version if and when it happens.

    I used the pattern I took out of the box for a Christmas Swap I've done - will probably blog it later today.

    Take care :-) x

  3. It was a marvellous idea, but that poor box. The chap in the village post office was completely bemused when he wrote out the certificate of posting for me - 'Trashalou? What's all this then?'

    I'm just glad I didn't have to fill in a customs form!

  4. It was great fun - the anticipation waiting for it to arrive was as exciting as opening the box and selecting treasures. Thankyou Trashy!

  5. I'm so glad you got lots of goodies from the box Trash because it was such fun and you really organised it well! Looking forward to the next one now!

    Locket xxx

  6. geesh thats a lot of stuff...but i gotta tell ya that green stuff in the middle kinda looks like 'weed' LOL
    stoppin by from SITS to say good mornin

  7. Ha - I just assumed it had taken you this long to get into the darned thing!!
    I think we should all give ourselves a pat on the back for being green and reusing the box. I hope you kept the box - it has such a history to it now :-)