Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Inaugural Eye Spy Sunday (or Eye Spy.... what I want for Christmas)

The very lovely BugandPop has come up with a fabulous idea to fill the gap left by the finish of 'On my desk'. Starting this Sunday up here on the hill we are joining all the cool kids in playing Eye Spy! Of course being in a different time zone means it is played a little later here at Trash Towers but I figure that just makes the fun last a little longer ;-)

So Santa? If you are reading this blog let me just say

"I spy towels."

Yep, that's it - towels. Lovely big, fluffy, new towels.

You see, CK has spent some minutes of his spare time over the last few weeks pulling up lino and the cork tiles under them, stripping back lining paper and rewiring bits of electrical stuff to give the bathroom a flash-whizzy new look. And it suddenly occurred to me last night, that even when the painting is done (edited to say 'redone - that colour, eurgh!') the bathroom will still be suffering from the nastiest case of've ever seen.

Yes, we have been struck by Same Old Towel Syndrome. When I stepped back and looked at them objectively it occurred to me that ALL my towels are nasty. They are old and all crinkled and unattractively gathered. I didn't choose most of them so they are in patterns and colours I don't particularly like and the youngest of them is over three years old.

That doesn't sound like an especially advanced age for towels but that is two out of nearly 20. Most of them were wedding presents (12 years) and some gifted to CK by my mother over time - thus making some potenially 17 years old!

Obviously some we will keep for when the puppy arrives but if Santa is as good to me as I hope then the rest are off to god without a backward glance.


  1. You've inspired me to have a look at my SOTS collection... some are 13 years old!

  2. Fluffy new towels would be a lovely present, I hope your hubby reads here....

  3. How funny, only yesterday DH came out of the bathroom clutching a very sad, holey and fraying (... once was a ...) towel and suggested we invest in some new ones!!! I must admit, I never realised they were that bad ... I must have washed them a bit harshly LOL!!! Maybe Santa will bring some down here too :o)!!!

  4. That's nothing, I have some towels that must be well over 20 years old! Could you send towel-bearing Santa my way too! :)

  5. We take our towels for granted, don't we? I must admit we got new ones when we moved, so I'm speaking from the privileged position of 3 month old towels, though of course I still have much older ones for swimming, mopping up, etc.

    Hope you get nice new fluffy ones for Crimble.


    PS My word verification is 'fackstac' ... what a fabulous word!

  6. New towels - oh, yes, I'd like some of those too please! I think ours are probably of a similar vintage to yours - the newest ones are admittedly only a year old but since they are hooded ones with mermaids on I'm not sure that really counts ...

  7. oof!!!!!!! apparently there's a worldwide epidemic of S.O.T.S.* which is making me feel both better and worse about my own terrycloth accessories...JOB 1 for the new year is REDECORATE BATHROOM and then let S.N.I.T.S.** reign throught t'internets!!!!!!! (WAHEY!)

    *(in my case...what with quite a few wedding-present 20+ year old towels as well...the first "S" might well stand for "scruffy"...)


  8. Oooh lovely new fluffsome towelage there Trashy. I have towel envy now. We have a bad case of SOTS hereabouts. Taking stock now I realise my newest is two years (or more) old and some are nearly twenty years old.
    How did I ever get old enough to have twenty year old towels???

    Thanks for this post....shuffles off muttering about a sudden need to visit Dunelm Mills....