Tuesday, 18 November 2008

things not to admit to one's children

Since discovering YouTube CK, Princess Curly-Wurly and DestructoBoy have spent many a happy afternoon (or morning or even into the evening) finding music that they love or tv clips to enjoy. Since she joined the Doctor the Catherine Tate 'Lauren' ones have been a special favourite.

Now, given the accustations flying around the innernets about my attitudes and behaviour I'm not entirely certain I should publish this but when my family are laughing at 'Lauren' in this sketch b/c she is so outrageous in class I am torn between laughing at her chutzpah and laughing in recognition.

On the off chance that Mr Murphy, my home room teacher from Yr 10, ever actually reads this let me say - while I am not apologising I could possibly accept that 'obnoxious' may have been a suitable adjective ;-)


  1. I can't bear Catherine Tate. She completely ruined Doctor Who for me last series. She's awful. Bring back Billie Piper I say.

    But that clip really was funny. Surely you aren't as bad as all that are you? If so, there might well be some hope for my 14 yr old who is bloody dreadful at the moment!

  2. O M G !!!!!

    That was great!!!

    ps: though I have no idea who those folks are or what the show is - she did see a bit "you", Trashy : )

  3. I didn't like Donna in Dr Who - so I'm glad she has had her memory wiped and is now back home with her parents. :-D

    I am shocked, Trashy, to learn that you were a gobby miss in school. Truly shocked.



  4. Forget looking at Lauren, I'm too busy drooling over Mr Tenant.
    Be still my beating heart!

    Oooh - the word I have to type into the word verification is "clogiess"

  5. I can't stand Catherine Tate but did like her as Donna - I thought she was funny! Can't watch the clip because I have no sound on my pooter but I don't believe you were obnoxious for one minute!!!

    Locket x

  6. I can't imagine you were obnoxious at school... and who is it spreading these rumours???? ;)

  7. i can't believe you would say those things about yourself!! You, never!!!

  8. I'm flying against popular opinion here (am I bovvered?) ... I love Catherine Tate. This clip is hilarious.

  9. ...but am i BOVVERRED?? ...am i? ...do i look bovverred??! (i'm not bovverred!)

    it's always the ones named LAUREN innit? or tricia...those are pretty bad too, i b'lieve... :)

    (ps: you totally win the prize for most creatively altered craft item: "...found him inna pub...turned him into an 'usband..." HA!!!!!♥♥♥)

    pss: not that there IS a prize...but if there was...you'd win!

    psss: my word veri is "NONSIO"...which would seem quite germane to this conversation...if i was bovverred...which i'm not...

  10. Oh yeh ! I can so totally believe that. .....but then again I have been believing the rumours (there was actually photographic evidence of you standing on a table you know)

  11. I think you made Miss Gracie's day with this clip this morning. She loves David Tennant as the Doctor and loves Donna. Obviously she thought the "Are you the doctor?""Doctor who?" bit was hilarous beyond measure.... but then she is four! Made me chuckle too though, so I'm not sure what that says about me.

    I'm finding it difficult to believe these scandalous rumours. Surely you are demure and respectable and charming and behave the way a lady should behave in all situtations???? Right???

    *Goes deaf from the chorus of "Oh no she isn't!" from the far corners of blogland*


  12. I can't believe I missed that first time round - 'Bite me, alien boy' - hysterical!

  13. Hmm, Catherine Tate - i'm a bit ambivalent - but David Tennant. Oh, sweet David and your lovely loveliness (and shiny shiny cosmic screwdriver - hmmm!).

    Bet you were on the table.