Sunday, 16 November 2008

I went to London on Friday.

and do you know what Innernets? It was a very big and busy place!

Not so big and busy that I was able to hide from those crazy real imaginary people who have been haunting my blog for some time now.

Having collected Missus Moog from the ABBA train station, we (Missus Moog, Wonderwoman and myself) set off for Islington - along with two thirds of the population of the UK. On arrival we were a little taken aback as the queue to get into the C.L. fair stretched down around the building and snaked its way along the road into the next block!!!!!! There really wasn't much for a girl to do other than join the wait and take out her knitting to pass the time!

Finally we got in and were descended upon by one highly excited Locket and marginally more cicumspect Gina. Obviously I had to be a little nice to Locket as she had my ticket but once through the door I dropped all pretence and reverted to my normal charmless self.

The (by-now-traditional) blogger meet-up gift exchange thing took place (in order thanks to Locket, Gina and Lesley)

and then I ran off and hid from them all because to be honest (with the exception of Ali, Locket's bossy big sister and occasionally Gina) they were appallingly behaved - swigging wine, making vendors think they had a sale, being rude about other shoppers and getting sworn at! This doesn't even begin to cover the whole 'showing of exceedingly large pieces of cloth' thing. Or the 'quiche filled with cement' thing.

The afternoon was rounded off with a trip to Loop. I think the bumping of their cases over the London pavements had made both Locket and Missus Moog slightly crazed, I'm not sure either is fit to be out publicly in shops. There was a suggestion from the lovely man at Loop that we may like to offer compensation for the whole situation. I would just like to offer my apologies now and ask that he hold off on lawyers for as bit until I can speak with those two ;-)

Thankfully Wonderwoman (not!) went home quite happy, clutching a bag full of gorgeous Manos del Uruguay. I had to pry it from her hands to get her coat off her when we got on the train.

Then to finish off my trip you won't believe WHO came off the train behind me and got into the car parked next to mine!! Yes, that instigator of A.R.S.E. - Mrs Ibsongay. I watched carefully in my rearview mirror all the way up the hill!


  1. I'm really not sure what comment to leave after all that - other than to say it really was rather wonderful to get to meet the real-mad-YOU yesterday! You certainly lived up to ALL my expectations and were as loud and tigger-ish as I had hoped!

    When can we do it all again?????

    Locket xxx

  2. Well Gina posted that you are really as mad as you seem. I was astonished - I thought it was just an act. But no. I'm not sure I believe what you say about the others; you might just be saying that to deflect attention from yourself?!

    I'm glad you had a good time - it sounds fab.


  3. the phrase pot calling kettle comes to mind!!!! but it was an amazing day!!!


  4. So. Ms T.Can. We finally meet. Well, kinda .... I just popped over from Gina's where it was marvellous to be able to put a (your) face to a (your) name.

    Even if you did try to remain anonymous behind big black shades ....

    Glad to read that you had a great time in the smoke .... apart from those pesky kids .... I mean 'those crafty reprobates'....


  5. It sounds like you had a fab time - but how could you frighten the man in Loop? He knows how to make knee high socks that are shaped to fit over your calves - the man is a woolly god!

  6. what a shame that eegit git was there to end a great day out, if you have any influence with Boots management could you get them to open a store here in Burnie Tasmania Iv'e run out all the jars of evening primrose moisturiser I brought back from my trip HOME lol

  7. As far as I can make out you, Trashy, were a still centre of calm surrounded by noise, drunkenness and wanton acts. I am just grateful that you returned home safely.

  8. You make me laugh out loud you crazy woman! It was so good to meet you.

  9. Hangs head in apologise for my appalling behaviour Trashy...sorry I flapped a nine foot tablecloth around in the cafe....sorry I bounced too much in the aisles....sorry I lured the stallholders into thinking they were getting a special commission...sorry...

    Now hang on a cotton pickin minute....that was you!!

    I just sampled the wine like a good girl :-)

    Great day out Missus and I would even risk doing it again!

    As for Loop man - he loved us!! He said so too!!!


  10. He only said that to get you out of his shop without breaking anything else!! (not sure his wool winder thing will ever recover)

    btw - word ver 'deckini' - is that what all the best dressed decks are wearing on the beach this year?

  11. Sounds like you all had a fab time - I'd love to have been a fly on the wall and watch all your antics!!

  12. they all sound frightful. I hope you didn't have too much of an awful tie with them all. Next time maybe you'd prefer to meet up with me, I have impeccable manners.....

  13. I sure missed out but good to read all your antics of the day...

  14. Well that wasn't quite the way I heard it told on Saturday. You appear to have been much maligned by the terrible Mrs Moog and Mrs Locket. You poor thing to have to put up with such terrible rumours about your behaviour when it was really them all the time.

  15. Holy Cow. You really need to be careful who you are hanging out with. The girls were so lucky to have you there -- the obvious model of manners and decorum.

    I have every confidence that Ms. Locket photoshopped that pic of you on the table. Hold firm to your convictions!

  16. Well I had to stop by and visit you....and the first thing is, I love your bird banner! I have an eye for birds and that folky bird is a beauty!

  17. Sounds a fantastic meet up - looking forward to ours soon here in Oz

  18. hi Trash glad you had such a good blog meet ...I have been catching up with your last few posts had a good laugh at the shouty Irishman/rude Aussie waitress post....must be an Aussie thing The apprentice where Whitney is working ( rude & lazy apparently !!) said to the shop manager that he didn't know how to take Whitney & was it 'cos she was Australian that everything she said to him sounded sarcastic !! he repied that no it was 'cos she was sarcastic to him!!! he's still trying to work that one out!!
    must say when my girls are shouted at they tend to shout back ...didn't go down well with teachers:)

  19. I think I got off quite lightly along with Gina - very well behaved. It was a good job you had your whistle to keep the rowdy ones in check esp those women who tried to push past you!

    Thanks for your comment on my newly inspired blog by little rowdy sis. Thanks also for my bloggy prezzie.

    Ally x

  20. Sounds like an appallingly good time!

  21. and now suddenly...lauren cooper et al...seem like islands of sensibleness. perspective really is EVERYTHING afterall!!!

    (when are y'all coming to new york then?! count me in!!!)