Tuesday, 16 December 2008

ANOTHER reason to love the guy who invented the innernest!

Here I stand in Changi Airport, Singapore typing to all y'all out there in Innernetsland. How cool is that ?!?!?

Of course I say stand but in reality I am a withered and beaten wreck of the woman who lived through the massive fire alert evacuation fiasco of Heathrow T3 December 2008. I am a diminshed version of the mother who freed the increasingly frantic 10 y.o. from the confines of the soft play areoplane in the boarding lounge. And yes, I am a lesser person than the one who nearly got thrown out at 30,000 feet for mentioning to a steward my concerns about the people in front of me using nail polish!!

You see when we arrived here for our NINE hour playtime at Changi I found the OSIM (I think) shop filled with gadgets and equipment to promote rest, relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and the soul. And with weirdly swollen calves and feet I was all for anything that would allow me to put my shoes back on. Si I slipped said feet and calves into his weirdy boot machine and a gentle pulsing began on my soles. Mmmmmmmmm.

Not so mmmmmm when it was swiftly joined by a squishing action from my calves downto my toes. The bloody thing contracted and was, I feel sure, trying to surreptiously bind my toes and turn me all Ancient Chinese-y. this torture went on for 15 minutes and was exacerbated by the headgear he forced on me.

So while my head was being pleasantly, if a little robotically, massaged and words of relaxation and calmness being drip-fed into my brain I was having the lower half of my legs squeezed and manipulated with such ferocity that even now three hours later I still bear teh marks!

And this is only 24 hours after leaving home - who knows what the next month will bring!


  1. Woo hoo for the internet! By the time you finally arrive, there will hopefully be a little package waiting on the doorstep!

  2. Oh and after that huge trip, you'll only be about an hour away from my house...how weird is that!

  3. And did you manage to get said shoes back on?


  4. good lordy - the internet is a marvellous creation. It allows some os us (yes, you) to rub it right in that you're off on a jolly holiday back home in the sunshine whilst the rest of us have to stick with dried up turkey (courtesy of MIL) and rain on the C day. Cheers for that.

  5. It could only happen to you Trashy! But how wonderful to hear from you mid-journey!

    Hope the rest of it goes as well!!!!!

    Locket xxx

  6. Did the people with nail polish look shifty types? Were they up to no good? Was it an outrageously UNstylish colour?

    Hope your calves have recovered by the time you read this.

    Are we nearly there yet?


  7. i thought you'd blog from australia but never did i think you do it on your 9 hour break - it could only be you! i do hope your poor squished feet and ankles hav recovered! am looking forward to the next installment! safe journey, and hopefully no more nail varnish! you could always feed them peanuts!!


  8. Very impressed my mid journey blogging.. how cool is that!

  9. Hey if you're coming up to Brissy I'll buy you a coffee ;o)!!!
    Have a fun holiday .....
    Joy :o)

  10. Painful massage is a small price to pay for getting away with international needle smuggling - you should be glad you're not banged up for the duration...as it were!

    By the way - what sort of selfish moron uses nail varnish on an air plane? Glad you created an unseemly fuss over that one :-)

    Your journey sounds like a total dream so far. Looking forward to the next thrilling episode!


  11. D'you know, after two hours of shoveling snow following on 7 days without power or running water due to a massive ice storm in New England, that calf-pummeling thing sounds VERY appealing!
    And I'm just here at home...imagine the worldwide adventures YOU are just barely headed into!!
    Take care. Have fun.
    Take care to have fun!

  12. Happy Christmas! We miss you at LRH! XXX

  13. may you and your family have the warmest and funniest christmas ever!! lol

    happy holiday!! :)

  14. Just dropping by to greet you Merry Christmas! Hope it's a good one.

  15. I imagine you have made it here already, Merry Christmas

  16. Oh the joys of that flight..it has improved when I first did it we landed about 8 time along the way. Once in Manilla(I think) where the arrivals and departures where written on a black board!!!

  17. Sorry that I am laughing very loudly at your misery... ;-)