Sunday, 14 December 2008

Read all about it! Superhero tags rubbish blogger.

..... The Caked Crusader, saviour of bakers and those interested in cake, has tagged me for a random facts meme. I haven't done one for a while so here goes.

It is a six facts meme. They have to be random. I hope they are a little interesting. And I am supposed to six more people. I shall hunt down some new faces and tag them I think.

I think I shall make this one themed. Hmmmm .... TGTH starts tomorrow so how about a travel theme? OK, here goes......

1. I hate the white noise that comes with riding in a plane 30,000 feet above the earth's surface. It is like sitting next to a photocopier. (My tame physicist suggests that in fact it may actually be 'pink noise' as it is not completely balanced across the spectrum ;-)

2. I have travelled on a bus from Brisbane all the way to my home town of Ballarat in a 24 hour period. It was a fabulous trip, I sat on the step next to the driver and watched a lightning storm as only happens in Queensland.

3. I have done two Great Victorian Bike Rides (I think that fella heading toward the rails is cheating somewhat). For those not living in Victoria this does not mean everyone rides around on penny farthings while wearing period costumes. It is a seven day extravaganza of bike-riding, touring, camping and hilarity. Even now - 20 years- later I had my kids in stitches last night regaling them with a song from the first trip?

4. I try and buy a cake tin or some other baking equipment/bling from wherever I go. Perhaps this would explain why I have over the 170 biscuit cutters? (no that number isn't a typo -rooly tooly 170+)

5. I get car-sick if I travel in the back of a car or on wind-y roads. This has always made trips down the Great Ocean Road a bit of a bugger.

6. Having run out of randoms points I threw the question out to CK and he said 'don't eat the peanuts on planes!'

Excuse me?

Apparently before his first trip to Australia I sent him a letter that included a warning against eating the peanuts on the plane. Apparently he was terrified of them the whole trip over!

If anyone has any idea why I would say that please do contact me because I am completely clueless!


  1. does there have to be a reason??

    have a brilliant trip - shame i couldn't fit in the suitcase!!


  2. Come visit my blog - there is a giveaway!

  3. Peanuts are scary things, they even warn you on the packet that they are lurking in there! Perhaps you were just being over protective?
    And please watch out fot the cashews, they are even scarier!!

  4. The small Gippsland town I grew up in hosted a rest day for the GVBR in around 1986. It was the biggest thing to ever hit the town.
    Locals (including ex locals like me) still look back fondly on the day the pub spilled out of its building and 200 metres in either direction down the street.

  5. I can't believe you enjoyed that bus trip. I went from Bendigo to Brisbane on the bus in 24 hours to celebrate the end of uni. As soon as I got there I called to find out how much it would cost to fly home instead (anyhow I couldn't afford it and I had to get back on the damn bus)!

  6. Being terrified of peanuts is a wise thing. I am allergic to the little blighters, so feel the terror too.

    Hope you have a fantastic trip home - will be thinking of you and your Trashlets, enjoying all that warm, sunny weather. Not jealous in the least that your skin will be under blue skies whilst we are freezing our butts off in this grey, cold murk we seem to have here permanently at the moment. *sigh*

    Safe journey. xxx

  7. 170 biscuit cutters? Now that is a problem. I wonder if the Priory do baking equipment rehab.

    Have a marvellous trip. Say hi (or ho ho ho) to the parrots.

    Sorry about my odd comment on the last post - the shape of that 'flame child' gave me the shivers!

  8. Have the most amazing and wonderful trip! Just mind the peanuts on the plane!

  9. Brilliant facts Trashy! Have a truly spectacular trip home - looking forward to hearing all about it when you return!

    Locket xxx

  10. ROFL @ the peanuts on the plane. It's probably some random Urban Legend you'd heard of.

    I loved the "pink noise" concept. He truly is a nerd isn't he? Bless.

    I've been in search of a decent cake tin for months. It took me 18 months to find a mini muffin tray, hope the cake tin doesn't take so long!


  11. Dude! Did you monitor ME? I swear I posted a comment late lastnight!


    "Could it have been overwhelming concern for fellow travelwer who may have an allergy and may have forgotten to bring an epi pen?"

    Then, just as I was drifting off to sleep it hit me!

    You read somewhereorother that the airline has an exclusive contract with the Virginia Peanut Farmers Association which mandates using only Virginia peanuts. And, being a patriotic Aussie, you are leery of "outsider" agricultural products.

    Re the pink noise - you and CK are a matched set : )

  12. Ok never knew that sounds from the airplane are called pink noise! How is that different with white noise eh?

  13. You'll be there soaking up the sun by now but I'm going to comment anyway!

    Have a totally fab time - I do hope you and CK are not overly troubled by the pinkness of the noise during your flight. He really is a grade 1 Geek - bless him :-)