Monday, 1 December 2008

I knew I had seen that face before!

One of the things I love about blogging is the perception of those in Blogland. You people must really be eating your Weeties because you are all as smart as whips!

In the comments of the previous post Jan pointed out that Evil Genius Pattern Monkey is in fact a doppelganger

for an international politician of some many years standing.

What? You don't recognise him?

He was an international staesman for over (nearly?) 14 years.

Hmmmm....... still no bells?

Errrr..... he got the post through staying power and determination (makes Gordon Brown look like a beginner).

Really? You still can't put a name to the face? Surely some of you voted for him at each of the 712 elections he stood in.

Well, okay. To lessen the dramatic tension for all those hyped-up, non-Australians reading I'll tell you.

He is Little Johnny Arthur, former nemesis of Bob Hawke and Paul Keating. Most recently unelected Australian Prime Minister. And twin to the Evil Genius Pattern Monkey.


Also Jan is a brand new blogger so go spread the bloggy love.


  1. ROFL! Monkey has to be called Little Johnny after seeing that!!

  2. err. we usually call him little johnny howard ovah heah...

    but you're right there is a striking resemblance

  3. What an interesting thing, Not too long ago maybe a couple of months this most recognizable politician visit our lands and my hubby had the chance to meet him and he even has a pic with him... the things you lern on the web... mmmh

  4. You could have put a warning at the top of that post Trashy. I won't be able to check your blog again without a tiny shiver down my spine just in case you add another picture of little Johnny. Oh, the horror!

    But the likeness is amazing ;-)

  5. Uncanny!!!! That's hilarious!!! Thanks for the giggle :o).
    Joy :o)

    PS... I now know not to read your blog while slurping my coffee ... nearly spat it at the 'puter when I saw the piccy ... how funny :)

  6. of course, I recognise that well known face...sorry, who was it? what's his name again?

  7. I think the monkey looks more appealing. x

  8. But he looks quite a sweetie! I'm guessing from everyone's reactions that he's not though!

    Locket xxx

  9. Oh the evil monkey is much cuter than little Johnny.

  10. super spooky... stil want an evil monkey though!

  11. OMG the resemblance is uncanny! Better not show this post to my dad - he would be spitting out his tea! Hehe!

  12. stoppin by to say Merry SITSmas

  13. Are you not afraid you may be making that looooooong flight only to be stopped at the airport and sent back to the UK?
    *listening for the sound of your passport profile being "red flagged"*

  14. what i'd like to know is: does said antipodean politico also have a white spot on his tummy??!?! parliamentarian historians long to know!!! perhaps you can find out on TGTH if CK is ok with that??! a completely platonic and non-ill-making way, obviously...

    (ok, no, i don't know how that'd EVER be non-ill-making...sorry...nevermind...) :>]

  15. Me... I know nothing....I thought it was Bob Hawke ...although I couldn't remember Bob's name...or, in fact, what he looks like...evidently!!

    Got to pop and see what Jan is up to on her blog.