Monday, 1 December 2008

The Toy Society

Last week we spent a lot of time at home, off school, feeling quite pathetic and sad for ourselves.

In fact last Monday Princess Curly-Wurly slept until 10'o'clock! This from the girl who is always awake by 7 a.m. While she enjoyed her princess slumber Destructo-Boy and I made valuable use of our time - we blog-surfed :-)

He was very taken with the idea of The Toy Society and was a little perturbed that he couldn't go find one of the drops and take home a new friend. His face brightened a little when I suggested that we might actually get involved. So in his usual fashion he disappeared and began beavering away on 'plans'.

Can you tell what it is yet?

Of course. It's a monkey! A monkey with BIG googly eyes. And a white patch over its eye and one on its tummy. Let me just state (in case anyone else might make the same mistake as the office junior) NOT as its tummy, ON its tummy!

After a 'meeting' (seriously, my kids have meetings, complete with minutes and agendas and actions!) to discuss what form exactly the monkey would take we ended up with a polished first draft of the pattern.

Destructo-Boy was quick to point out that our draft pattern was looking a little evil. So we swiftly used the pattern then buried it in a garlic bedecked coffin, lined with lead and closed with silver bullets.

My senior ideas man sat beside me as I attached the white patches. It was touch and go for a few seconds whether they were in the correct spot but after further review it was agreed that they were in fact perfect. Phew!

This then is the prototype we made. And can I just say I am in love with the white patches. And the face.

I keep trying to imagine being happy making that raggedy-stylee of sewing public, even just a few years ago. That Poppy Treffry has a lot to answer for!!!

Oh no! What is that?!?!

Aaak! Rising from the depths it's, it's..........

The evil pattern monkey and his twisted shadow accomplice!


  1. Oh, how much do I LOVE your evil monkey template. And that your children have meetings with agendas and minutes. Laugh laugh laugh.

  2. Now that would be a meeting I would probably enjoy!

  3. Perhaps the Monkey could chair the next meeting? Love the patches too.

  4. Arrrrrhhh!! Scary evil monkey template *hides behind the pooter chair*

    I've just bobbed over to The Toy Society for a look. What a cool idea. Makes me love crafty bloggers even more than I did already.


  5. argh, evil monkey is attacking me...HEEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!

    Love the monkey - and now I'm off to have a nose at the toy society....

  6. Am I just weird or does anyone else rather like evil pattern monkey? (Your monkey is fabulous!)

  7. I'm rather liking the little monkey, perhaps he is just misunderstood and not evil afterall?

  8. Love it! If only i could even begin to think of how to make one, let alone get round to the sewing stage of an evil monkey accomplice....

  9. Brilliant collaboration there Trashy! Locket xxx

  10. Sometimes, when they are school being poorly, such fabtastic things happen, don't they? Your monkey is one such thing - brilliant! Please pass on my compliments to the designer. x

  11. What a brilliant idea, and excellently made .... so which monkey will you be 'dropping' somewhere on the hill? The cute brown one or his evil alter ego??


  12. what an imagination he has - and i love your style of sewing!
    i feel like singing the song 'me and my shadow' now!


  13. this is too freaking cute!!! and girllll 10am??? i wish someone around here would sleep past 7am!

  14. That face looks just like John Howard, our (Australian) former Prime Minister!

  15. I think there's plenty of kids out there who'd love a little evil monkey to blame things on! Me thinks you should drop them both!!
    Thanks for sharing the link to The Toy Society, it such a wonderful idea!

  16. Hey do you think you could drop the evil monkey somewhere near my place and give me a heads up beforehand?

  17. I am just loving that evil monkey!

  18. OH

    missus trash...have i ever mentioned that you are THE BEST MOM EVER??????????????! seriously. in fact, i think i'd like to be adopted by ya if that's ok...i'll just pop that paperwork in the post...

    (not to worry, i won't be seeking financial support, just to hang out in yer creative house and make projects together n' stuff!) ♥♥♥♥♥

  19. You are so cool Trashy. A great way to spend a sicky day off school :-)

    Evil monkey is gorgeous and I love the stitched version.

    The Toy Society is fab - I need to go there right now and read a bit more....once I've finished with the ten thousand posts you've done since last I was here :-)