Friday, 2 January 2009

15/12-31/12 holiday photies part Five

This one is all down on 'the farm' and heavily features Giovanna and Paolo as well as CK and the terences.

1. 28 or 29/12 Trees on the farm
2. 29/12 destructoBoy (having picked up an AFL ball for the first time a few days previously) manages a pretty good Peter Busustow banana kick.
3.29/12 tasting the lucerne in the back paddock.
4. 29/12 leaping around on freshly cut and placed hayrolls.
5. 29/12 destructoBoy being taken for a ride on the 'Quaddie'.
6. 29/12 Princess Curly-Wurly coming into her own as a full-on rev head.

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