Friday, 2 January 2009

Holiday Photos 15/12-31/12 Part Four

1. 28.12 Skippy. (Hall's Gap Wildlife Park)

2. 28.12 A real live dingo. (Hall's Gap Wildlife Park)

3. 28.12 PK feeding 'Wobblies' (wallabies - she loved winding up the other tourists. Hall's Gap Wildlife Park)

4. 28.12 Hall's Gap, Grampians.

5. 29.12 A real live wild emu at Tower Hill.

6. 29.12 Tree Bark.

7. 28.12 My 'Deer' destructoBoy


  1. Love the shot of DB with horns! Real live kangaroos - did they 'click' a la Skippy?


  2. Looks like you're all having great fun... especially like that DestructoBoy deer!

  3. I love the idea that Princess Curlywurly is as much of a tease as you!

    When are you coming home???? And why, oh why did you not pack me in your suitcase for the huge bloggy meet up on Saturday - I am green with envy!

    Locket xxx

  4. That PK has the best teacher ;-)

    Lovely photos. Nice red collar on the real wild dingo!

    Going now to drink honey and lemon and grab another blanket...brrrrr. Hope you don't have to resort to anything as drastic as a cardigan! (just read your oh so gloaty comment on Maria's blog!!!).

    Unlike Locket, I am not in the least bit tiny bit jealous of your great Aussie bloggy meet up....honest....much.....


  5. Oh wow - I'm loving your holiday collages - the blue skies, the sun hats, the pale english man below one of them ....

    There are plenty of pale english people round here as temperatures reach a very un-britishly -5 degrees and lower .... brrrrrr ....

    Try and fill up on sunshine while you can, that house on the hill of yours will feel a little bit chilly when you get back!

    Happy New(ish) Year to you and yours down under!


  6. sounds like you having a great time in Oz........

  7. you are soooo going to regret the chilly comment when you get home!! you will need at least three pairs of trousers!
    loving the pics and am well envious - hope you have a great day tomorrow - wish i was there!