Tuesday, 20 January 2009

15.12/31.12 Holiday pictures Part Six

After these pics there will be a short interlude before anymore holiday ones are displayed. This will give the management time to download them from their various hiding places and weed out the ones that are beyond boring to see - did I mention there were over 1000 pics taken?

These were all taken down on the farm on 29.12
1. Heading out to feed the racehorses.
2. Farmhouse still life (or as Giovanna's m-i-l would call it - firewood)
3. Is it mutual love? Princess Curly Wurly and a racehorse foal.
4. Feeding the racehorses.


  1. 1000 photos!!!!! Flipping heck!

    Princess C-Dub and the foal look very happy together!

    Locket xx

  2. Only 1000? You were there for a month! I'd anticipated twice that number at least!

    Lovely photos :-)


  3. Glad you're home safely - that Curlywirly really does look like you!

  4. Well I hope you told her she has to be happy with the new dog and cannot possible fit a racehorse on your hilltop.

  5. Love that last shot. Beautiful!