Saturday, 17 January 2009

I just flew in from Singapore and BOY are my arms tired!

We have now completed the return journey and our first full day of jetlag.

I was done with sleeping by 0400 and up at 0500 and then the terences were up and moving by 05:30 so not too bad given that we were all asleep before 20:30 the previous night.

With all my heart I am in love with the transit hotel in Changi, it made the looooooooong leg of the flight completely bearable.

Leaving at 0900 meant we travelled back to the UK following daylight so there was very little sleep action going on in that 14 hours in a tin can. Except for d/Boy. He fell asleep for half an hour as we taxied to the runway at Changi and then again as the pilot informed us we would have to circle for a bit (30 mins plus!) before we could land at Heathrow.

I always try to be one of the last people off the plane. I see no point in standing in that narrow aisle for the 20/30 mins it can take before the crew even open the doors. So we just sat and let him sleep. His sleep was so deep and so long and sooooo0o not wanting to be disturbed that the crew were waiting to disembark while I was struggling to get his sleep-filled feet back into trainers.

However we got there and he dragged his sleepy body through the corridors at LHR, remained standing while we collected the five bags from the carousel and then swayed gently as I let him go to jampack the trolley with the luggage AND the seven pieces of hand luggage we had accumulated in our trek.

by the time we got to immigration there were no queues in the EU line so the nice official had plenty of time to look through our passports while he waited for d/Boy to catch up with us. Eventually we were let through and despite Pr.C-Dub's desire to go through the Red lane (because that is what I needed at that point - bored customs officials completely emptying all 12 of the bags I had with me while I held up a dozing seven y.o.!) we were out and free and heading home towards our very own hilltop town.

What waited me on return? Oh the fun is just beginning!


  1. glad you're home safe

    April xx

  2. Soooooo glad that your back and well rested!

    ps: don't forget that this is your man's big 4-day inaugural weekend.

    Off to visit my Mommy and Daddy,

  3. So good to have you back! Hope it doesn't take too long to feel normal again! (Well, can I really apply the word normal to you?????!!!!)

    Locket xxx

    P.S today's word verification is "nonselas" - they had a lot of those in the shops this Christmas apparently - something to do with the credit crunch!)

  4. great to have you back and to see you briefly yesterday! am looking forward to hearing all about it and to seeing the stash you brought back!!


  5. *Hangs up the banner, hand-stitched by bloggy friends*

    ~W~E~L~C~O~M~E~ ~H~O~M~E~

    Very pleased you got back safe and sound, hope the let jag passes quickly.


  6. Glad you made it home in one piece and without incident!!! Looking forward to what awaited you at home......

  7. Gald your home safe and sound Miss trash

  8. I'm so glad you're home. I did think for a minute you were leaving us for sunnier climes for good. You know you'd miss the rain, don't you?

  9. Welcome home, glad you had a good time.

  10. Welcome home - it's been a quiet place without you!

  11. WELCOME BACK! Glad you had a safe journey home.

  12. Glad you're back home safe and the journey was okay (if a little long!).


  13. Woooohoooooooo!! She's back!!!

    Hullo you! I feel suddenly better knowing you're in the same hemisphere as me (geographically speaking) ;-)

    Now, off you go and rest those aching arms.


    p.s. just what was waiting for you on your return? sounds ominous!

  14. That trip is a marathon that's for sure. Well done on making it back with all kids and luggage present and accounted for. And I agree - the transit hotel is magic!