Friday, 2 January 2009

Holiday pictures 15/12-31/12 Part three

this one reads left to right from the top corner.

1. 27/12 The soldiers who defeated the miners during the historic battle of the Eureka Stockade (google it if political history interests you - or not) - or rather their painted bollard personages.

2. 28/12 Our very broken down car just past Lake Burrumbeet en route to the Grampians from Ballarat.

3. 27/12 Artwork of the Southern Cross (again - google it if pol.sci or astronomy speak to you) in the Eureka Park. (Waves at someone living near here;-)

4. 28/12 Fence post beside road where we sat for 2.5 hours aiting for new (even crappier)car to be delivered!

5. 27/12 Two pale English children wondering why Australian horses are wooden?

6. 27/12 Mahoosive example of the Eureka flag (politics/history/astronomy -I'm just saying for those interested)

7. 28/12 Pale Englishman pacing up and down side of road for over 2.5 hours b/c he can't sit down just onto the ground! By the time the 'new' car turned up even his watch strap was white with sunscreen.


  1. Good photos Trashy! And it's particularly nice to meet the pale English guy at last!

    Locket xxx

  2. Hello CK!!!

    I bet those car rental folk are just soooo thrilled you picked them ;-)


  3. well its nice to see you back.
    I had wondered what was going on with you.but obviously if I had paid attention I would have known you were in the Land Down Under...silly me!!!

  4. lovely pics - shame about the car tho!
    it looks sooo lovely and hot - its blooming freezing here! so am not jealous - no, not at all!!!


  5. Hope the car is now working perfectly, and that you don't have to do any more roadside pacing.

  6. Great photos. Good to see you're having a good time.

    Happy New Year to all at Trash Towers (not that you're actually at Trash Towers at the minute, but you know what I mean!).


  7. huge fan of the Southern Cross photo!