Thursday, 29 January 2009

More holiday pics!

This was one of my favourite days in December.

After leaving the farm we drove along the Great Ocean Road, CK and I were both very excited about seeing the magnificence of the sights again. The terences sat in the back seat creating some crazy small person pretend game and paying scant attention to the behest of their parents to admire 'the amazing scenery mostly obscured by scrub before them'.

Until we stopped here. The Blowhole.

For nearly half an hour we stood watching the sea come rolling in along this rock shelf before bursting up over the edge.

I could have stayed longer.

When we got back in the car the childer were suddenly interested and looking out of the windows ;-)

Loch Ard Gorge. A famous spot along the shipwreck coast and one of the places CK has most fond memories of from his first trip. destructoBoy had a great time chasing and dodging the waves as they rolled up the sand.

Until one caught him.

His bravery dissipated just a little.

We drove on to the 12 Apostles and considered each grown-up tying a child to their waist to stop them being blown away!

The upside to such a breeze is it made for great breakers in the sea

Thanks for being my willing victims audience for my holiday debrief.
I hope you enjoy the scenery.


  1. Great place the 12 apostles, they really should rename it since the sea sucked one away... Tell destructaboy he is far braver than I getting up near those smashing waves..

  2. Amazing pictures. Australia is on my "one day" list.

  3. great pics! i love the one of the blowhole!
    i remember when i was little being told by my parents to stop reading my book and look at the lovely scenery!!!!


  4. Fab photos Trash! I love the one of you all in front of the 12 Apostles - the light on the sea is beautiful - and you lot all look rather lovely too!!!

    Locket x

  5. What beautiful photos. I really must go there one day. Should the fates ever allow. x

  6. Love your piccies ... we did that trip in '07 (from Brissy) and were blown away (he he literally) as well. Isn't it all just magnificent!!?!!?
    Joy :O)

  7. Enjoyed your holiday and photos very much!

  8. Fab photos Trash and such a treat to get a full frontal of you and CK ;-)

    The blowhole looks amazing - I'd have sat there with you for a few hours!