Monday, 26 January 2009

Seriously! This is NOT a craft blog!

I was given a present when I was at home.

Well, actually I was given quite a few, what with it being Christmas and all...... however .... I was given a present by Missus Proprietress at Ballaarat Patchwork! I think she got me off to a head start with a few squares predone, realising if I had a plan to follow and a swift kick workwards it was unlikely to join my fabric collection.

Aren't those some pretty colours? And chenille!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday afternoon I had a can of Pepsi. Is it a higher %volume than the other brand? Because in the space of four hours I had drunk my third can. Not drinking tea or coffee MAY predispose me to a slightly unusual reaction to such things, the nett result was me being awake until 0215 this morning ;-)

However I used my time productively - I got the sewing machine out of its cage about 2300 hrs last night and pieced a few more squares and then blocks! I have two more blocks to complete and then BAM! I have nearly a quilt.

OMG! Get me doing all this sewing thing!


  1. Three cans of soda did THAT to you?!
    I am very worried for CK.

    ps: looks great! But where's the badger?

  2. oh wow your wuilt is looking fabulous!!!! amazing what Pepsi will do!!!!!especially that much of it :O

  3. Love far! Amazing what a bit (or 3) of caffeine will do eh!!

  4. check you out, crafting away like a mad woman on coke. Oh, you were. Kind of.

    Loving it. I think I'll go have a pepsi, see if I can get my behind off here and on to the machine....

    (chenille - ohhhhhhhhhhhh!)

  5. Oooh, who'd have thought Pepsi would be a crafter's 'ooomph'. I can't drink it - get as high as a kite ... such a lightweight *blush* x

  6. Oooooh! So pretty! I'm very impressed and very envious of the chenille!

    Locket xxx

  7. hey i must have missed this one! your blocks look great, way to go!(so much for mrs i can't sew!)


  8. Off to get some Pepsi if that's the result!

  9. Who'd have thought caffeine and insomnia could force the sewing machine out of hibernation ;-)

    Gorgeous crafty quilty goodness Trashy!! I just love those colours and the chenille is fab...and some might say a bit showing off-ish...some might say....not me 'cos I don't have chenille envy...oh nooooo.....

    What would happen if you drank Red Bull?