Monday, 26 January 2009

Pah! Who says this is a craft blog!!!

Despite what some in the cheap seats down the back may say this blog remains my 'online not-so-secret diary'. And as such I shall use it to document the adventures and excitements of TGTH.

Some of you may be aware an internationally recognised and attended 'Trash & Treasure Meet' took place while I was back in Australia. What some of you Johnny Foreigners (Why yes! That would be anyone not from or not living in Australia! It is Australia Day today so suck it up and let's move on ;-) may not realise is that a 'Trash & Treasure Meet' is what is known in the UK as a 'Car Boot Sale' and I believe in the US as a 'Swap Meet'. Sadly neither of these would have worked as cleverly as the pun Jodie fashioned so it is fortuitous I was headed back home for Christmas!

The first collage shows what happens when you put a crafting of bloggers into a delightful shop frontage - much chatting, laughter and purchasing (but obviously not from me as I was mid-car windscree/running away from home saga!) .

1. Beautiful shop windows and bloggy heads and bodies.
2. Lovely wee quilt and chatty bloggy heads and bodies.
3. A little of the loveliness available at Ballarat Patchwork.
4. The other side of the loveliness at Ballarat Patchwork (plus bloggy body).

And once the car was all fixed by the nice man I made my way back to the second stage of the Trash and Treasure Meet in the hot Australian sun.

1. Missus FlowerGarden with that naughty little Lucy Locket.
2. Ricrac coming toward me brandishing said naughty Locket.
3. View of a collective bloggers' picnic.
4. Locket being the recipient of bloggy love.
5. RicRac lightly tossing the salad prior to my pedicure ;-)
6. That naughty Locket girl sitting quietly and giggling at all the grown-up chat going on around her!

And after Stage Three of the meet-up at Jodie's house (with the beautifully washed floors and a quiet nana nap for those in need) we ventured up to the delights of Annie's Flowergarden for Stage Four. But do you know? That naughty Locket child pushed her way to the front AGAIN! So much for only being 'seen and not heard'. That child needed to learn a lesson about grown-up time and start to make herself 'not seen and not heard'! She only had herself to blame when things started to turn a bit lairy!

1. we tried to put her in her place but Locket just fell over and scared the chickens!
2. So then we fed her and hoped that would send her off to sleep - it was getting late by this point and well past her bedtime, even in the Summer holidays.
3. It all got a bit much when the real grown-up talk began. Ricrac had to block up Locket's ears to preserve her innocence!
4. So we snuggled her up with a mutant Magoo to try and get her to settle. It didn't work.
5. The last ditch effort involved sending her out to the garden to run off some of that energy but she simply chatted with Bob & Fred. It was a one-sided conversation.
6. So in the end Jodie strapped her in and took her home!


  1. Those photos are hysterical Trash! I'm going to be giggling all day now! Not the usual Monday morning feeling!

    Locket xxx

  2. marvellous! I am still not jealous. Not in the slightest.

  3. I agree with Katy...not jealous...not even a bit...nope....


    p.s. word verification 'edger' noun: one who posts themselves Flat Stanley stylee to Australia to 'edge' into all the bloggy meet-up fun.
    example of the word's use: 'That Locket is such an edger, man!'


  4. I heard Bob and Fred haven't been the same since!

    Good to see you all had such a great time. I'm with Mrs Moogs and Katy. Not at all envious - this green is just my natural colouring.


  5. great photos! I think the envy feeling and general greenness of colour is catching!!


    word veri is 'dander' haha, dont get your dander up! hahaha - sorry!

  6. OK, I want to move to Ballarat and live in the patchwork shop and meet all those lovely people. It outstrips Cambridge any day by the look of it!

  7. Hmm, there was mention of a blog get together complete with any edgers we could rustle up...I picture a garden full of flat bloggers all having a picnic.....oh the idea is tempting....

  8. My but locket was quite a handful isn't she! tsk tsk Good thing you ladies were there to keep things in line!