Tuesday, 10 February 2009

'A Big Ask'

A Big Ask is Australian vernacular.

Like so much Australian slang it has multiple meanings depending on when it is said, by whom and in what tone.

It means to ask for help or assistance that is above and beyond what is normal.

It means something is being asked of you that would cause you to stretch (physically, metaphorically or emotionally).

It is what is being asked of people who have survived the bushfires and of those who are trying to help them.

I live 12000 miles away from my home country and I watch on the television and listen to the radio as it is being physically excoriated. There are parts of my childhood were there is nothing left. And other than offer money there is nothing I can do.

I cannot give the blood they so desperately need to help burn victims.

I cannot give the toys and books my children would be so ready to part with to help those who have been left in a state of shock and bewilderment.

I am not even close enough to go and help make the bags to be filled with items that can alleviate some of the horror for these families.

I have a big ask of you who read this blog.

By the weekend I will have a list of items that will be raffled off here to raise money for the Australian Red Cross. Please come back and tell me you have donated to the Australian Red Cross Bushfire 2009 Appeal and I will enter your name once for every dollar you donate.

Please click on some of these links to find ways you can help those who are in desperate need.

Melly&Me, Ric-Rac, Australian Red Cross, Curly Pops, Bushfire Quilt Project, WhizzMe


  1. For some crazy reason I can't copy the code for Silly Girl's button - will you please email it to me?

    And, mind if I send you a few pics of stuff you can add to your drawing?


  2. How very sweet of you! Our blog friends always seem so near...right at our fingertips. But something like this makes us aware of just have far away they are and makes us fell as though we can be of no assistance.
    Thank you for the information.

    M ^..^

  3. Just seen your email ... am on the case! x

  4. will do anything i can to help - am onto links now!


  5. I'll see what I can do to help.

    Lucy xxx

  6. That's so generous of you Trash. It's great to be able to do something to help, as we're all feeling a little helpless right now.

  7. And to use another bit of venacular ... onya Trash.

  8. have i mentioned lately that you are THE GREATEST?! (i have been to the ARC and done my bit with a credit card...gotta love t'interwebs, eh?!) xoxo

  9. What a wonderful idea Trashy. It is really incredible how much effort is going into fundraising for the victims of this disaster. Some of the survivors' stories almost beggar belief but the losses are unimaginable.

  10. Thanks so much for doing this Trashy -