Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Grand Trash Raffle is building up a head of steam here folks. EDITED W MORE PICS

Things are in the works and starting to happen.

I have been in contact with some famous names in blogland and have been offered fabulous prizes.

Our own KittyWrinkle has put forward one of her handmade, internationally acclaimed sock monkeys. Picture to follow when the executive committee reach a decision however Kitty has assured me it will not be adorned in the same way as her snow monkey;-)

The very lovely Missus Little Cotton Rabbits has donated one of her stunning creations so for one lucky charitable donor our poster girl, Annabelle, will be hers to treasure.

This fabulous handpainted doll's chair comes from Missus Moog.

Also Lisa from u-handbag is adding one of her gorgeous handmade purses into the pot.

I'm A Ginger Monkey has just emailed me to ask if I would like this cot quilt.

'Jolly kind,' I thought 'but I don't have need of a cot quilt anymore. Princess C-W and d/Boy are far beyond such beds now. Oh!' On realising my idiocy I gratefully accepted her offer straight away.

To be in the running for one of these prizes is the easiest thing in the world.

All you have to do is:

1. Click on the link to The Australian Red Cross.
2. Donate some money (credit card only)
3. Come back here and tell me how much you gave.
4. I will allocate one 'ticket' for every dollar you gave.

The minimum donation on the site if $5 so straight away you get five 'tickets'! Simple, non?

Officially the draw goes live on Saturday 14 and I will draw names on Wednesday 18 but I will be taking note of people who have contacted me so far and all names I receive will be entered into the draw.

I am basing this on an honour system and am going to believe you when you tell me how much (if) you donated.

Thank you all for taking part and come back because there will be more pictures and prizes to share.


  1. fab idea Ms Trash. I've just emailed you x

  2. Well done Trashy! Great organising!

    Locket xxx

  3. Is there an organisation in the UK that we could donate via? It's just that if we claim back gift aid, it significantly increases the size of the donation without the giver having to give any more. Just a thought..I'd like to donate something to the raffle too.

  4. Great lot of prizes you've got there Missy - have email an offering from chez WMK.

    ps: hadn't been exposed to U-bags before - I can see that it is going to be dangerous info! Her bags are FANTASTIC!


  5. Holy Moly - I hope I can deliver something which lives up to the billing :-O

    Good luck with it all Trash, and thanks for organising it.


  6. Hi I have donated 20 OZ dollars to the red cross this was last night they said they would email me but not yet,hopefully they are inundated with offers.I am not too sure about your Aunts meaning of feck,I thought it was worse than that

  7. The UK Red Cross has now started an appeal - its on their home page.

    I said in a comment in an earlier post that I didn't know what to say: then I realised the best thing I could say was "I donated".

    (((Hugs Trash)))

  8. You got a prize from u-handbag? I've come over all unnecessary!

    By the way - Locket said my chair picture's not working...and it's not. She told me I had to tell you. So I told you.

    Moogs xxx

  9. goog on you trash - you're not so far away afterall

  10. Fantastic idea Trash. I donated $50 to the Australian Red Cross.
    BTW, I'm having a week of giveaways over at my place if you want to check it out!

  11. I'm hoping my email got thru to you ok. I'd like to donate one of my knit monkeys for your raffle. His name is Butters. I need to know where to send it - either to you or the winner of the raffle.

  12. what a great idea!!
    I donated $50 AUD.

  13. Great idea, thanks for the red cross link.

  14. Brilliant idea Trash. Do you need any more prize donations ? I'm happy to offer something I have made ...
    Drop me an email and let me know flower x

  15. Hi Trash I donated 100 bucks to the Red Cross on Wednesday via Coles who are collecting at the goes straight to the Red Cross.they are also donating all profits from all stores on Friday so I am going to do my shipping then instead of sat.....I have found a quilt shop in NSW who are collecting quilt tops & blocks so am sorting through think I have a couple of tops to send... it seems so little but I suppose every little bit helps....wish us luck here in SA for the weekend they are telling us it will be hot & windy... we were lucky last fortnight no fires in 45degrees...heard "unofficially" that the police visited everyone who has ever been found/suspected/etc of fire lighting & they were told to stay inside as they were being watched seems to of worked !!! Thanks for all that you & the others are doing for the people of Vic

  16. I donated A$20 to the Red Cross and am going to make some bags to send to the Rainbow Comfort Bag appeal too.
    R x

  17. I donated $50 before you posted (on tuesday night)does that still count?
    Good on everyone that has very generously donated these great raffle prizes

  18. Hi Trash - well done you for organising this - it's a wonderful idea. Hubs and I have donated $100 to the Red Cross and the kids have donated $5 between them. Good luck to everyone!

  19. hello Trashy
    I just donated $20 and found out about your amazing give away from Gina's blog (what a great idea). I've also been busy making some softies for the toy society to distribute out there. It's so amazing that everyone is pitching in and doing their bit. I love your idea, and just because I'm nosey, will you let us know how much you have raised?


  20. Hi, I forgot about this draw until I read Gina's post today. I've donated 30 A$ to the Australian Red Cross and yesterday I posted off a doll I've made and a couple of friends to the Toy Society (well, meetatmikes actually) (It's on my blog). I've got some more toys to make too while I'm on hols next week. Well done for your initiative and good luck.

  21. Hi Trash. Thank you and thank you to all those donating either goods or money. We Australians appreciate it. I have donated $50 to the Red Cross. I have also made donations to the Salvation Army, to animal and wildlife rescue operations, and to our Bushfire Brigades. I will continue donating as I can afford to, because, as you know, they will need funds for quite a long time. Our quilting group is also making quilts to donate and I am gathering things together for Childrens packs and sewing packs. Toiletries are also heavily in demand, as you can imagine. Australia is pulling together and it's great knowing that our friends overseas are pulling with us!
    Thank you all!

  22. I have just donated £30 through the British Red Cross site, I don't mind if this dosen't count just wanted to say thanks for giving the links and the push to actually do it.