Sunday, 1 February 2009

Okay, so I have made it this far...

.... and I am pretty happy so far with how it looks (except for how I hadn't mixed up the repeat of the nice retro small children playing- but that has all been fixed now).

But it is a very wide thing and not especially long so I thought I would do something like this.

Now though I think the nice small retro children playing are a bit overshadowed. Suggestions?

Thank you all for your birthday wishes, the terences are slightly put out that they are on a losing team. I say they should be used to it after I thrashed everyone at bowling yesterday ;-)

Also we have a (working) short list of names for Princess C-W's puppy - Midnight, Isabel, Lyra, Grace, ummm..... I like Daphne but no-one else is voting for it at my house. Although it is all in the hands of a 10 y.o. girl so anything could happen!


  1. this is a note to myself - perhaps I should halve the width of the blocks on the side and turn the double rows into 4squares and intersperse them with the charm squares. Hmmmmmmmm.

  2. What about the retro kids being four rows of three? The charm squares look good... I want to play around with it too!!

  3. Looove the quilt . Just a little warning -my daughter named our male cat "Flower" . Funny now 8 years later I couldn't imagine him being anything else .
    clares craftroom

  4. I'm with JustJess and you - 4 rows of 3 would be good, and if you could intersperse those with charm squares, it would balance it out more. Also, I think pale charm squares would bring out the designs more than the red and green ones you've used there. Plain white in between the pictures and lovely bright borders would really highlight them, imho. Then perhaps a nice quilting on the plain white?

    Easy to give advice when it's not me doing the work! x

  5. yep, with Kitty on the quilt design - i have some of that lovely fabric - Jo from Tas sent me some!
    Puppy just gorgeouis - once Em and i have battled thro the snow to do the horses we will get our thinking caps on!

    Em just shouted out 'Sweep'!

  6. I was going to suggest white sashing but I'm not sure how much you have already sewn.

    As for the puppy - you should call it Chook.

    Me xxxx

  7. Minx thinks puppers should be called Buttercup or Daisy :-)

    I love those retro blocks. I'm with Kitty on the pale border....or not, if you've already done it all!!


  8. What about Button for your lovely pup? Kind of a sewey theme, plus you could use it an a top excuse to buy much button magic for trashy projects. What about a buttony quilt as a celebration?

    I agree with the other bloggy types on perhaps pale or white in between the vintage tots and 'portrait' rather than 'landscape'. Also, could you make the spacing between the pictures a little bigger - then each individual scene would stand out even more. Chuh, what do I know - I only fiddle with beads.

    Emma x

  9. What a darling pup!

    names...maybe Charm? or Clover? Because you're so lucky you've found her :)

  10. well......i respect your opinion as final in all things sewing-based......but i don't find them all that overpowered......i think they look rather nice, actually!

    anyways, i'm sure miss isabell will be willing to help you decorate it up a bit in no time!!! :)

    (congrats on accomplishing the great-puppy-seeking!!! can't wait to see many fine first-person LOLZ starring miz izzy!)

  11. I love that fabrici and your quilt. But I agree it will be overshadowed with that other border. It takes away from the cute blocks. There now you have my opinion. lol

  12. very nice color contrast coordinates on the quilt!!